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Caught Speeding on L's

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by RGVMAN, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Hey peoples, I got caught speeding on my L's doing 80 in a 60 through a red light camera!!!! Pfftt. Anyway I rang the road transport department to see how long Im going to lose my licence for and everything and the bloke I spoke to said because I have my full car licence and still have six demerit points left that I will not lose my bike licence!?! I am not conviced, so if anyone has gone through the same thing or knows anymore info, please fill me in!


  2. Those 6 points are now gone!
  3. You're ok man, as I said in previous L plate speeding thread today it happened to me i got flashed for 72 in a 50 I just paid it and lost the 3 points off my 12 on my drivers license, nothing else happened...
  4. No thats how many points I have left. It was a three demerit fine. I had nine I now have six
  5. Report your licence plates stolen.
  6. How can you run a red light, be doing 20kmph over the speed limit and only get 3 demerit points? Was the cop in a good mood?
  7. Na, its one of those multi revenue raising cameras which can do you for red lights and speeding. I just went throught too fast on a green light and got caught speeding :D
  8. Thats awesome I thought I had screwed everything up! Coz if I had lost my licence then I would have to sit for my L's again and then I wouldn't be able to ride the RGV! :evil:

    Awesome thats made my day! :cool:

  9. Actually, you start with ZERO demerit points and you attract them.

    You don't start with 12 and lose them.

    Once you accumilate 12 then you have the options to consider.

    I know it's sort of the same thing :grin:
  10. Must be different in SA... "de" merit usually means a loss of "merit" points
  11. Or is a "demerit" a double negative in that you add them?



    I think my head just exploded.
  12. Demerit points
    Demerit points are a form of penalty imposed when certain traffic offences are committed. Demerit points range from one to 10 points per offence.

    When you are issued with a learner permit/driver licence you will have zero demerit points. Demerit points accumulate if you commit an offence that carries demerit points. A fine may also be imposed together with demerit points. Demerit points are valid for three years from the date of the offence.
  13. Regardless of the fact of losing demerit points, 20ks over and thru a red light, no wonder the cops biatch an moan how stupid motorcyclists are pushing that we should be more heavily regulated, you've just done your bit to add amunition to their guns, do me a favour will you, if your on our side, don't be.
  14. would that work???
  15. If your in Vic, they'll slug you a $300 fine as the plates are yours regardless of being stolen, just been thru this on another post.
  16. If you read my posts properly you would realise that it was actually a green light and I only got caught for speeding! The only reason I was speeding was I needed to turn left so I sped up to get into the left lane and didnt realise it was a red light camera. Geez cry me a river next time.
  17. Where did you get caught?
  18. Blah Blah Blah, set yourself up next time to be in the correct lane so you don't have to speed or don't they train you over there the basics, or have the roads in Adelaide only become short straights since last week when I was there, your 23 and indestructable I get it I've been there and done that, i've been riding 30 years that's longer than you've been alive, cry you a river, nope, guys like you I don't even shed a tear for when they bite the big one. All in my opinion of course, which I have a right to.

  19. I got caught in Salisbury Park Tce, CamHornet.

    Im sorry Les for being a irresponsible 23 year old! I wish I could be as perfect as you! I was riding on a road which I was unfamiliar with and yes it was a short straight! I had just come around a left had bend with no large enough gaps in the traffic to get into the left lane. I dont know why Im trying to justify myself to an ??????? anyway!