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NSW Caught speeding in car, does it affect my bike license?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by northerner, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. OK here’s the situation:

    Currently on P’s on motorbike (couple of months left).
    Got caught speeding whilst in car (full license)
    3 points, $243 fine.

    Does this affect my bike license in any way? Does it change my graduation to full license in a couple of months? I don’t THINK it does but can’t find any info on the RTA website about it…


  2. From what I'm aware, you have 4 points on your Ps. So because you only lost 3 points,, you should still be able to keep your bike licence and it shouldn't affect your getting your fulls...

    It;s only when you lose 4 points even on your car licence that it would affect your bike licence
  3. youll be fine.

    on the rta website you should be able to log in and check your points.

    itll say you have 3 points on your 'C' class licence and 0 points on your 'R' class licence.

    Also that when your licence reaches 12 points driving under 'C' class you'll have the entire licence suspended and if you accrue 4 points on your 'R' class you'll have only the 'R' class suspended.
  4. Thanks for that - kind of what I thought but couldn't find the info to confirm it.

    Will write them a letter to try to get out of it anyway, first offence and all that...


  5. You saying that you have up to 12 points for each class, but if you go over on one, you lose both?
  6. When it comes to the full license, there is only one license and a list of vehicle types you are endorsed to operate using that one license. Demerit points are assigned against that one license, not against individual endorsements.

    I'm not familiar with what that means for P-plates, however. What Junglist says about checking the RTA website is right. I'm just not sure if the endorsements are treated as distinct during the provisional-license phase.
  7. Spots is kerrekt!!! Your license is ONE license, endorsed for various vehicles. If you just lost three points it is off the license, not a bike or car portion of the license. That means you have a total of nine points left for the next three years, and you can lose the rest in the car or the bike.
  8. Thanks for the feedback - I guess I was a bit confused because any speeding offence carries 4 points if you are on P's (resulting in an instant 3 month ban) - but I only got 3 points because I am on a full car license (and cought in the car). So the license is kind of split into full/Provisional for some things but not others. :?

    Just need to keep my nose clean for the next couple of months I guess, then i get full bike license...


  9. no, 12 points for C class and 4 points for (provisional) R class as part of the 12.

    that is, you have a 12 point cap on your licence but if you gain 4 while on your provisional R class it is suspended alone and you can still drive with the remaining 8 on your licence but can't ride.

    additionally if you accrue 4 points when not using your provisional R class then you are still on 0 for your 'R' class, but on 4 for your entire licence.
  10. this is correct if you have a full rider and drivers endorsements but P's acts like a sub-licence where points count to your 12, but the full licence infringements don't count to your 4.

    this is what my own account says

    You have a total of 0 demerit point(s) on your licence. 
    Both licence classes will be suspended if your total demerit points reach or exceed 12.
    The P1 class only will be suspended if you reach or exceed 4 points for offences committed while using the Provisional class
    pretty clear, no?

    yes, but no.
    he has 9 points for the next 3 years but still only 4 points when using his R - P1 class.

    (I just want to make sure there is no confusion)
  11. That's clear, thanks junglist.

    So basically I will have 3 points on my license and if I got caught speeding again whilst driving a car I would get another 3 points (assuming the offence fell into this catagory) taking my total to 6, but it would still not affect my bike license. ie I wouldn't loose the license for going over 4 points.

    If caught speeding on bike - instant ban for 3 months. This remains unchanged.

    I think that's right anyway!


    Graham :)
  12. yep, but you can still drive.
  13. Got it. :grin:


  14. Good job it's just one license for points allocation really...otherwise you could use up 12 points on your bike license then just hop in a car and start again!

    Imagine how many prime-movers would be clogging up the pub car-parks! :)
  15. I think it would be better. People would lose their car licenses, jump on a bike and then find out how bad drivers are and learn to drive better
  16. What is the Learner Points allocation? 0? Eg one offence and you lose your license?
  17. just say 12 for both C & R, but if you go over 4 points on the Bike the R is gone, but you still get 8 for your C :LOL: