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Caught on Film

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by voyager, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. I did a quick search on the forums but not a mention of this. I'm willing to admit I may have been very lax in my usual thoroughness though. Feel free to delete if its a repeat post.

    For those who don't read their magazines all the way through...

    One of Netriders most recognisable bikes (and faces) has been immortalised in the latest Australian Road Rider magazine. The article, on one of the very last pages, shows a great picture of the rider in question and his bike.

    I won't mention names, so you can all go look it up. The photographs are part of a letter to the editor from yet another Netrider, if my memory serves.

    Just a heads-up for those avid readers...
  2. can you scan it and post it here, i am lazy and cheap and couldn't be bothered buying it or reading it in the newsagency

  3. Ah just tell us Steve, I already spend too much on bike mags. :)

    If I had to guess, hmmmm recognisable.........Mark's (Chairman) outfit or the Cafe Racer?
  4. Issue #30?
  5. I saw the letter in edition #30

    Going to spill the bean - "TonyE" wrote the letter with a photo of the "Chairman" and his outfit.
  6. See? If you were at Cafe Aroma* last night, you could have sipped coffee with a celebrity (no, not Anthony Callea). But you weren't, so you didn't!!!! (Well done VtrElMarco, you clearly have a good eye for winners).

    Bring your copy to the next Western Suburbs Coffee Night and I'll sign it. One day, they may be worth heaps of money. Or not.

    Thanks to TonyE (I think)... I haven't read the article yet. Must go...off to the newsagent and the picture framing joint.

    *Western Suburbs Coffee, Monday nights, Watton St Werribee.

    Wanna see my pictures on the cover
    Wanna buy five copies for my mother
    Wanna see my smiling face
    On the cover of the Rollin' Stone
  7. You'll like the caption... :wink:
  8. You shouldn't have warned him.... :roll:
  9. Well, I figured if we mentioned it here, then more people would come to Western Suburbs coffee for the celebrity factor.

    I admit though, their (ARR's) comment is a bit harsh. Mark should ring them up and invite the editor for a ride in the chair.
  10. Right. Saw the photo. Read the caption.

    Will now be emailing a photo a day to Bear. He will see it again, and again, and again :p

    Planning to subscribe, just for the pleasure of cancelling :wink:
  11. Henceforth you shall be known as Outraged of Laverton. :p
  12. Wooo...flashback!!!! Who remembers "Angry of Mayfair"? - name the performer and at least two of his other characters.
  13. The redoubtable Kenny Everett

    Sid Snott
    Cupid Stunt
    Capt Kremmen
    General Bombthebarstards

    Do I get a prize???

  14. Well done Iffracem - and it's the sort of question I'd have expected any OFARC worth his/her salt to have answered, so no prize other than my congratulations.

    Just to add....Brother Lee Love

    "Kremmen, Star Corps would like to present you with statues of
    you and Karla, would you like them mounted?"

    "No, Holding hands will do"

    ahhhh...time for my medication
  15. Piss off the Kremen statue, Give me a life size Karla!!!!! :shock: :shock:

    It IS medication, not having seen it for so long requires me to take medication :wink:

  16. There was also Gizzard Puke
  17. I have a kenny everett show record at home. I'll take a photo of it tonight or something :)
  18. I have the best of the Kenny everet Show on DVD way too funny.
    Hey chairman why have you not told me about the monday night coffee at Aroma, I am suprised the guys (those who work in there) did not tell me about it.
  19. pictures smictures, one of guys is getting his mug on the telly, better than any only picture in a mag anyday
  20. I've got video footage off Foxtel of a Netrider member at the Moto GP last year, it's a couple of blink you miss said member moments but it still counts. I'm not saying who either :-$ (own up if you wish).

    I've got some ripper footage of myself putting out a reasonably big race car fire at PI waaaay back in 1994 with a suitable Daryl Eastlake commentary attached \:D/ (must find that tape one day and get it put on DVD b4 the tape falls to pieces).