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NSW Caught by red-light camera going straight on red-arrow

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cygnus, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. So the other night, I was pulling up to a set of lights.

    Also, I did not have my indicators on 8-[
  2. Does the photo show you in the right hand lane?
  3. There is a charge, something about 'fail to obey traffic signage' or words to that effect, which relates to turning in a straight lane or not turning in a turn-only lane, that sort of thing. It's (should be) one level below 'Fail to obey sign' such as a keep left sign or a one way sign or no-right-turn sign. It used to be a one pointer - but then you used to lose one, two or three for speeding. Now they gang r@pe you by the side of the road and stick your head on a lamp post as a deterrent to others.
  4. I have not received anything in the mail yet, it will be a couple of weeks if I do get anything I think. I guess I can request the photos when I get the letter?
  5. I don't know. I would think so. I'd think they'd send one with the letter, if they have one, and if they don't you wouldn't get the letter, so...
  6. In answer to your question, you can appeal any traffic infringement notice. That same right is legislated.
    Have you not ever received an infringement before and read what it says?

  7. First thing is, get the photo. I don't know that they send one with the fine? Usually they give you details in how to request one...for a charge of course!! But well worth it.

    If it shows you CLEARLY in the turning lane going straight then I think you may just be pinged. Sorry dog!
  8. If the photo shows you going straight ahead through a green light, tell them to piss off.

    If you did get away in front of the cars, it should be a no brainer. But if you are caught along side of a car when the photo was snapped, who knows where it may go.
  9. Mate the red arrow is controlling that lane, not the lanes which are controlled by the green light to go straight ahead. You were in the right lane which must turn right. You have entered the intersection from that right lane against the red light which is automatically an offence. This was all brought about by you riding outside the ARRs. Unlucky :(
  10. Regardless of whether the main light was green, if you're in a lane that is required to turn right (either because of a "Right Lane Must Turn Right" sign, a painted right-turn only arrow, or a right-turn only arrow on a sign) you must turn right - rules 89 and 92 deal with this.

    Depending on what they decide to fine you for you could end up with a $353 + 3 point fine for going through a red or a $202 + 2 point fine for driving contrary to an arrow or sign.

    Either way, prepare to pay up.
  11. Depends on the photo, by the time the photo snapped you may have been in the "going straight" lane, and in front of a vehicle, although slightly to the right, in which case it will be thrown out before it even reaches you.

    So here's fingers crossed the photo doesn't show anything dodge ;)