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cattle grids

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by geeth, May 3, 2009.

  1. I am looking to do a ride next week and the road that I am looking at has a few cattle grids.

    Any tips for going over them?

  2. at right angles to the bar, and at a moderate pace. Don't turn or break onthem either, its not good...

    Might pay to stop first and check out the gap's, or if they have a motorcycle bridge built in(Yes its rare, but they do exist)
  3. They're all different.

    Some you can hit at ridiculous speeds, others require near walking pace. Some you can stay in the wheel tracks, others have a "step" so you're better off in the middle of the lane.

    In general though, hit them vertical, avoid braking & turning, and keep a moderate pace. If they're real country grids (ie, rough as guts), try standing slightly to use your legs as shock absorbers.
  4. +1 Anothermacca

    Also some of them have a very large rise up to the cattle grid (the gap between the road and the grid) so it may pay to slow down down when you are coming up to them and check for this espically if you are going to be coming back along the same road but other than as long as u mainly dont brake you should be fine and like other posters have said dont that dont turn on thembecause some of them have larger gaps than normal

    enjoy ur trip
  5. And at least two in this fair country of ours have a 6" wide gap inbetween the grids for the left and right wheeltracks. :shock:

    Miss the wheeltracks and the bike will be missing its front end. :?
  6. Yeah, just go across the things at a moderate pace and you should be right. They're fairly common some places, but usually not anywhere stupid. Gates, property boundaries, that sort of thing.

    Just relax and you'll be fine. Turn, accelerate or brake and you might not be though...

    Cheers - boingk

    PS: Seriously, they're dead easy.
  7. That's for the input guys. Sounds a bit like the rules of tram / train tracks.
  8. ive crossed a few on a 110cc ag bike and tbh they felt smoother than the road around them. (mainly doe to the OS front wheel and low-psi nobblies)

    heading up the old north road a fortnight ago, the two around the 'commune' weren't particularly eventful on the 400.

    As mentioned though, treat them like any other piece of metal that you'd ride across - avoid sudden acceleration, turning and braking and you'll be fine. Compared to lots of dirt roads, you'll find them easier to handle than some of the meaty corrugations you may happen upon.
  9. Get a fun bike and bunnyhop over all those pesky grates