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Cats, Parasites and Motorcyclists.....there is a connection after all

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BitSar, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. So.....

    On the back of Nobby's Show us ya furry family member thread - I noted that many NetRiders are cat owners........so what?

    Well it turns out that the most prolific cat parasite, Toxoplasmosis, has been proven in clinical studies to alter the behaviour in mammals.

    In affected men, the parasite tends to make us take more risk, shun authority and play by our own rules. I guess now we can tell the missus to blame this one on the cat.

    A large proportion of males tested after motorcycle accidents are found to have Toxoplasmosis infection.

    I own a cat, her name is Cosmo. I have had cats ever since I was a kid.......

    Further reading if interested:
    Toxoplasmosis and risky behavior

    The Cat Parasite that Sells Motorcycles
  2. interesting read.
    just i don't consider owning and riding a motorcycle particularly risky behaviour.
    i mean, i'm sure it is if you are jumping lines of buses or canyons or something. i can see the daredevil/risktaker in that.
    but i'm not seeing a link to the typical, everyday, garden variety rider. it's just a form of transport for most people. they are not out there taking more risks than anyone else.
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  3. True - although there does seem to be an undeniable correlation.

    Also - as a rider, I agree.....riding a MOTO is not necessarily "risky behaviour" however the people conducting the study (and the general public for that matter) would categorise motorcycling as an elevated risk activity............

    And here we are :D
  4. Given that driving is one of the riskiest activities that the average person undertakes (apart from pregnancy and childbirth, which only affects half the population) and that riding is an order of magnitude more risky still, whoever's figures you choose to believe, I think it's quite hard to argue that motorcycling is not an elevated risk activity from any kind of objective position.

    The fact that you don't perceive it as such is merely further evidence that your systems are already teeming with feline sourced protozoa. As is mine, given that my respect for authority and social norms appears to be decreasing rapidly as I get older rather than the more common increasing conformity :D.
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  5. ^ As above - Gold!
  6. Yeah and I'm pretty sure that gay men rate pretty highly as a group for "risk-taking behaviour", don't they?
    I doubt anyone ever tested motorcycle accident victims for amyl nitrate, however.

    Fucking twaddle...
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  7. Bah, make up your minds. It's either risk takers or pansies :p
    (Nerf cats)
  8. I like The Cure too...:

    But seriously, fucking cats?
  9. am in agreeance with twaddle.

    it's a biased opinion from people who don't ride motorcycles and think they are dangerous.
    they could have selected any number of sub cultural behaviours to deem an elevation of risk.
    anti-motorcycle twaddle
  10. sooo now were cat ******s as well as kitten killers?
  11. ^ I totally acknowledge this sentiment - and probably lean on this side of the fence.

    Just found it to be an interesting connection. NOT necessarily and insight. Simply a connection.

    As you stated earlier - if you don't perceive motorcycling to be inherently dangerous or risky then does this automatically mean you are affected? Or does it simply mean an academic somewhere has been published?
  12. can't discount that possibility. because it is relative to how an individual gauges risks or dangers.
    life is about risk. no risk no reward, ever.
    but what the authors consider too great a risk, or overly risky, many would not.
  13. Ever second JRE podcast that came out had a good 10 minutes of this in the early days.

    Pretty crazy. Supposedly runs rampant in Brazil, like a very high percentage of the people have high doses.
  14. I also read that the "general" population (IE not just MOTO riders) has ~40% infection rate.....

    It is very prolific - any way you skin the cat (hehehe, see what I did there) - but to also be documented in motorcycle accident patients is interesting.

    RE: Brazil - I've never been to Rio De janeiro - however I believe main-street daylight car jackings are not consider atypical. Thereby the act of stealing a car at gun point, or having one stolen, doesn't seem to rate high on the risk'o'meter, rather - it's the norm...........I blame the Toxo!
  15. haha, try south africa.
    after any minor crime whatsoever, it is normal to shoot and kill the victim of the crime.
    no-one wants to be identified.
  16. So.....they have lots of cats then :D
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  17. So what we are saying here is Evil Kenevil was a cat lady???
  18. yep and the cats grow pretty big in Africa
  19. Nah... They're just a buch of...............pussies!

    Ha ha! dad Joke...oh oh oh!