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Cats n Dogs....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RainMann, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Anyone have any weird experiences with their pets and their bikes?

    My parents dog would always run away and hide when I came home, but then he'd circle the bike for a while and sh*t next to it. He'd do the same to my brothers bike, and any other mates who visited with bikes.

    And I got an annoying neighbours cat that likes to p*ss on my bike cover whenever I'm not around. Doesn't bother me, i just reckon its weird.

  2. my dog just goes ape when he hears a bike in the driveway.....the postie bie tho - he just ignores.....

    the cat doesn't care either way.....
  3. my dog (apparently) used to start jumping and getting excited a significant time prior to my arrival home. it was an RGV250 though, and dogs can hear much better than people.
  4. You don't need to have a dog's hearing to hear an RGV-250 coming down the road!!!

    When we had a dog in the Hunter Valley in the 70s my wife says the dog used to get up and run to the door before she could hear me coming....
  5. Apparently, my dogs can hear me turn off the main road 1.8kms away, they are supposed to prick their ears and start barking.
    I think they hear me blipping down from 6th to 2nd for the turn.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. i remember my brothers RD350LC making the TV go fuzzy as he approached, you had an RD didnt you paul?
  7. My ex's dog would pee on both of my bikes but not on his masters VFR!
    (A good sign that I should have listened to earlier and moved out!)

    One of my cats used to love to jump up and sit on the seat of the VT750 but none of the other bikes.

    Both of my cats hear my bike coming from way off and sit at the front window and wait for me.
  8. My dog (blue heeler) will bite the tyres of the bike once I start it up and as I roll it out of the garage, then stand there and lick her lips as though she's savouring the taste.
  9. My dog 'must ' be with me when I start my bike for the morning warm up and the same thing goes nuts afew minutes before I get home at night. He is always waiting for me wagging his tail howling and excited.... funny creatures arent they.
  10. My dogs go nuts when they hear a bike - thinking it's me coming home.
  11. I went through a period when every time I went to work, every fat labrador within 100 miles would wander out into the road in front of me, and if I went left, they would go left.

    Musta hit about 6 labs in 3 months, on a road that had a 100kmh limit.
    Came off, or scared myself badly each time.

    Then you have the hassle of trying to find the owner, get medical help for the dog, and listen to the owner describing you as a lowlife who ran over their dog, instead off asking why their dog was on a highway.

    And they damage the bike!. Most owners paid up when the police informed them it was their fault.
    If their dog was so loved by them, get a fence!
  12. One of the neighbour's cats comes and pisses on the front wheel of my bike every night. Haven't figured out how to wire up the wheel to 240 volts yet :evil:
  13. The girls told me that they can tell when I'm coming home cos our dog (lab) runs down to the front fence and starts jumping up and down in excitement. lol.

    This is their cue to get off msn and start doing their actual homework. :LOL:
  14. When I first got my bike the cat would not come near it. She was starting to get confident in walking around it while I was starting and warming it up.

    That was until one morning I went to start it up and there was a backfire, in the garage, which made it sooooo much louder. The cat took off like it had been shot at and still wont come near the bike when I am starting her up.

    But it is the opposite when coming home, the cat sits at the start of the drive way when she hears the bike coming and will happily walk in front of the bike or along side the bike up to the parking spot.

    Animals can be strange and funny.
  15. one of our dogs doesn't give a crap about the bikes.

    the other barks like a maniac & runs around them growling at them.

    But he also does that to the lawnmower
    and tries to eat it's wheels
  16. Dont need mains just a battery powered electric fencing unit, I use a mains one to keep my heeler from jumping the property fence. He copped a big belt on jis ear first time I switched it on and since then he can hear the buzz as the charge goes thru the wire so he keeps clear at ALL times.

    He is a great dog except when he sees a push bike or motorcycle , and he can tell the differnce between a bike exhaust and a car exhaust at about a mile I reckon. Obviously he goes bannanas if he can see and hear a bike , postie look out .
    But my bike , mower, wheelie bin etc doesent bother him at all.
  17. Scaredykat seems to enjoy spending his nights under the bike cover, I know this as he has the ability to show me even more than the usual feline contempt when I try to remove him from the seat.

    We also have a Pugs that that just looooooves the postie and chases him from one end of our fenced corner block to the other and that is wherein the problem lays, he forgets to stop when he gets to the other end of the block.
  18. Mum's parrot goes nuts whenever I ride into the backyard....I don't know whether its the noise or the red beast coming into his sight, but he makes me laugh. His name is 'Jazz', but I call him Feral :LOL:
  19. I have a huskie and bugger me she's the quietest dog ever, doesnt even bark. Just the occasional Howl.

    Pets are great, shes always the first thing i see when i open up the garage door when i get home from work. In the mornings she'll sit with me while im having a smoke and waiting for the bike to warm up.