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Cats and Dogs...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by FUTURE, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Great write up Ross.

    Sounds like you and Kim had a great day. :grin: A little rain never hurts :LOL:
    Cheers Lou
  2. Thanks Ross for an excellent day. Great write up - spot on as usual.

    Just like Ross I had webbed hands & feet by the time I got home. Even the plastic bags over my feet inside my boots couldn't keep the water out.
    Although I must say my RJays pants did an excellent job of keeping the bottom half of me dry. The rain however managed to get in thru the zip on the jacket somehow. Lucky I packed my light weight wet wetaher gear as well & the light jacket over the top certainly did the trick & the top half stayed dry too.

    Must look into getting a pair of them over boot wetties I've seen, gotta be better than wet feet.

    It was certainly a character building day & I thoroughly enjoyed it. Need more practice on 25-45km bends though. It won't happen overnight but they say it will happen. Patience grasshopper.

    Will be happy to do another ride again with Ross.
  3. Kim, myself and Michael.


    Kim and me getting ready to leave Bruce's place at Peel.


  4. This is how wet it was. Me leading Kim out of Peel.


    Michael about to leave Bruce's place.