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Caterham moves into motorcycle manufacture

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Caterham launches bike division

    The expansion of Caterham continues, as the company famous for its sports cars launches a bike division.

    The Brutus 750 is described by Caterham as the first two-wheel SUV

    By Chris Knapman
    12:35PM GMT 05 Nov 2013

    The Caterham Group, owner of the British sports car maker, has announced that it will also launch a bike division.
    Caterham Bikes was announced today at the International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, with the company showing off three prototype machines.
    First is the Brutus 750, which uses chunky tyres to give it an SUV-style. Despite this, Caterham claims it is “surprisingly nimble to ride” and can be used on the road, off-road, or subject to a four-hour conversion, even as a snowmobile. Caterham claims it is the first motorcycle to use an automatic transmission and, perhaps more tenuously, “the first ever two-wheel SUV”.

    Full article at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/news/10427469/Caterham-launches-bike-division
  2. Someone gave that a walloping with the ugly stick. The link is broken, btw.

    Honda might dispute the automatic claim. A snowmobile style CVT could be fun though.

    Ah, SUV. The term coined by US car manufacturers to apply to cars that looked a bit offroad-ish but actually had trouble getting up a gutter. A term synonymous with style over substance. Its not a title I'd be laying claim to.
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  3. That thing actually looks pretty cool.. Not sure why a sports car manufacturer would turn to making a 2 wheel SUV though?
    I thought they would want to make a sport bike or something to express their heritage.
  4. That's altogether unlike Caterham. Disappointed really
  5. Sorry, ugly as sin!!
  6. My 10 year old would love it.
  7. I would have thought if they wanted something off-roadish, they'd have gone with a Manx-style road registered buggy. Something I think they would do well.
    I miss my Manx:( Probably shouldn't have rolled it.....
  8. Remember though, this is a design concept (It HAS to be surely...)

    The gyroscopic effect of the weight of those huge tyres would make the think basically unrideable.
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  9. Looks like a Deus city dwelling show-off bike. A thumbs down from me
  10. I'm kind of neutral to this. I was expecting something sporty but it still looks sort of cool and looks functional for off road purposes.

    Sorta makes me think its something from Mad Max but I defiantly wouldn't buy one if I got the chance.
  11. I hope it goes better than the Caterham GP cars :LOL:
  12. I wouldn't mind one in the shed, or better still at the next track day.
  13. How is it different to the Rokon? Which is rideable.
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    And according to sources has a top speed slower than a mountain bike rider.

    It's completely ludicrous and stupid. If caterham were to develop a motorbike it would have to be like the rs250; minimalist, light, mid-power (400-600 cc), wicked handling and braking. A 'two wheeled SUV' is not what Caterham should be developing, SUV's are the furthest thing from the caterham design brief.
  15. There are enough of those bikes, a go anywhere bike wold be cool.
  16. Sure. Let John Deere or Kawasaki make one. Better yet, Cat.
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  17. They havent but. Caterham have made one, well maybe.

    Making this bike doesnt stop them making a sportbike anyway so not sure if its really a problem

  18. Agree, why bother making something everyone else can make cheaper. If they are going to make a bike it needs to be different and appeal to a niche market.
  19. Let's not forget that Lamborghini started out making tractors.
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    Yes, I get that it's new. I get that it's niche. That's nice.

    Caterham have a target market. This doesn't appeal to that market. Not really a smart move when you are trying to expand. Caterham are well established and an attempt at a minimalist sports bike would quickly attract attention and respect. Better off exanding sideways with an already established market then completely changing direction and trying to create a market that doesn't yet exist. It's just silly. I think a 400cc sport/rallycross effort like KTM just did would be a really good slot for them.
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