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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by skeeo, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. I know the topic about anti fogging in helmets has been brough up many times, my question is for anyone who uses catcrap or anything other substance that requires applying onto the visor -

    how do you apply the substance/catcrap so that it doesn't streak all over the visor?

    i'm finding it quite frustrating and hard to apply an even coat without making the visor so streaky that when I wear the helmet, I can't see through the visor because it is streaky.

    Anyone got any tips?

  2. I don't believe these anti-fog products.

    To beat the fog, I either hold my breath or open up the visor.
  3. i'm starting to think the same thing, wiped catcrap on the first time, streaked like anything, went for a ride with visor down and started fogging up after about 2 mins :/
  4. Uuuh....

    I'm suprised you didn't google it.

    "How to use Cat Crap

    1. Remove any material that will scratch the lens (dust, insects, etc.)
    2. Apply a small amount with your finger to cover the entire lens
    3. Buff the lens with a clean micro fibre cloth or chamois until all Cat Crap has been buffed off.

    This will give you a clean streak free lens or visor that is highly resistant to fogging.
    Cat Crap should be used every couple of days to keep your lens or visor clean and resistant to fog."

    It works for me, except for when I wipe it too fine and it doesn't leave a residue.
  5. vic let me use is soap thingo on my visor...
    works real well only time it go some and i mean some as little fog was at the lights..
    please ask vic on the special soap he uses lol :grin:
    oh yeah if u put too much like i did u will blow bubbles on the way home
    :LOL: :LOL:
    just kidding
  6. I do the same thing and it drives me crazy. I hold me breathe and thats probably really stupid. :LOL: Then sometimes I have to take a breathe as you do and get the shits cause it fogs up. :? Actually sometimes riding I would estimate I have 30% vision. Im in the country sort of as I work up Whittlesea way so I ride plenty road every day but seriously I cant see shit sometimes :shock:

    Gotta try cat crap I supose. :wink:
  7. Rainex Anti-fog is crap too. It doesnt last 2 minutes.
    I use dishwashing liquid, a very handy tip I got from one of the other threads(thanks who ever that was) for this subject. I just rub it in until its relatively streak free. Do this every two or three rides.
  8. I find "holding your breath" way a bit painful as I find every now and then I black out, fall over and bang my helmet and then need to buy a new one! And to top if of I feel that when I do fall over I stop doing the “holding your breath" and my visor fogs up again.....
  9. Double Glazing

    For what its worth, I was out at HART today and one of the instructors was talking about some sort of second visor...fits inside the regular visor...perhaps thin plastic??? not sure...anyway, he said since he has fitted it, he doesn't have a fogging problem. Apparently most bike shops sell them...but don't take my word for it. It was his answer to the problem; I haven't tried it myself.
  10. dishwashing liquid is the best antifog product.
    I use it every 3 days or so and especially if it's gona rain.
  11. Cat crap IS CRAP :mad: does not work.
    dont waste a $$.

    Hakin :wink:
  12. I just keep it cracked a bit and breathe through my nose so the air goes down rather than directly out.

    I don't like having my visor completely closed anyway, I prefer to be able to hear everything nice and loudly.
  13. I use Mr Sheen and find it works pretty well. I also like to keep the visor cracked open a notch as well.

  14. Really? It works for me, after a few applications anyways..
    I think you may be wiping too hard and actually taking the stuff OFF the visor rather than on, which is what I used to do.
    Just wipe it so that the streaks are gone, lightly....
  15. i use cat crap - you have to apply it once a week but does stop the fogging. Only trouble is at night time lights tend to go a bit blurry.

    I bought mine of ebay for 10 bucks. It actually is really good as a lens cleaner as well.
  16. Just buy an antifog insert. The wipe on products are useless. While you're at it buy some tear offs. They make annoying bug splats a minor inconvenience.
  17. I'm amazed how much different the helmet brand makes to fog resistance...

    my AGV doesn't fog up in the slightest, my budget helmet (KBC or something stupid) won't stop unless I hold my breath (very irritating and dangerous) :p
  18. Balls HPT has CC for $10 retail. If you are close by, drop in and grab one if you like using it. Saves on the postage.
  19. It's awesome stuff. For the entire Icicle ride the visor did not fog up once, at all.

    As for the RainX well, I think it's gone off(very old bottle), coz it didn't work :(