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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Makybe05, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Hey,
    I live in Wagga and im looking to buy some gear. Do of the big stores in Sydney and Melbourne or companys send out catalogues? That way i could just compare prices to whats in Wagga or if its not in Wagga i could get an idea and get it ordered in or something.

  2. Easiest thing to do is look at the brands catalogues and call up the retailers for prices on the things you like
  3. Yea so is there any way i can get my hands on one of these catalogues. Thats what i want, just for an idea of price.
  4. No, it's not possible. The best you could do is read magazines becasue some ads have the RRP. Companies make the catalogues, then go to dealers, which may or may not have RRP in them. you better off ringing your local shop and asking about prices on things you are after.
  5. Most of the manufacturers put the catalogues online, you should be able to find em easily enough.
  6. Yep, ginji, so right. Since you are obviously on the 'Net, let your keyboard do the walking, Mak.

    Here's a good place to start www.mcas.com.au, branches in several Sydney suburbs, but they will freight good to you in sunny Wagga Wagga :).
  7. So you're actually a motorcycle shop owner in Wagga Wagga are you? :grin: :grin:

    Actually many of the importers run Australian web sites with their range on-line as well, and many have RRP in them. For example, http://www.matmladinimports.com.au/

    I find the importer sites better, as they have a broader range of stuff on them. As Hornet and Ginji say, use your keyboard and search skills!
  8. I stand corrected. Most importers/distributors don't do that sort of thing (hand out RRP directly to the public). But Joe Rocket, being unbelievably popular I don't blame them.
  9. Maladin prices = :shock: at least for triumph stuff. I paid just over $100 for some pazzo levers, they sell the exact same ones for $325. The carbon fibre exhaust which I paid in between $700 - $800, they sell them for $1300+ . If that's the general trend for maladin prices, I'd definitely look elsewhere...
  10. okay, so i just search around like i have been basically and go look in some stores next weekend, hopefully i'll purchase my helmet next weekend :)
  11. Well Wazza, I would never actually pay RRP :!:

    I use the catalogues to find out what is available, and the maximum price I should be paying, not the expected price. I don't specifically endorse Mladin BTW.
  12. BikeBiz's online store has a great selection, as well as what RRp you would expect to pay... of course, if you go in-store, they usually give you a better deal.
  13. So when you say catalogues do you mean the print version? Thats all id like just to get the RRP, for some sought of starting point, idea on what could be the max that id pay so i can draw up a budget. I'd rather have the print version (If thats possible???) too instead of looking around on the net then its easily accessed.
  14. You wont get a copy of the distributors printed catalogue, but some (many?) of the on-line catalogues are in PDF form, so you can download and print them.

    Besides, you don't need a stack of catalogues to work out the value of stuff for personal use. Look around a bit and you'll work out what you should pay for each bit of gear, for each level of quality, compare what you see in stores, and you'll know if you see a good deal out there.
  15. Yea I went into Peter Stevens yesterday for about 10 mins, i was really rushed because mum wanted to go to markets so i was a bit pissed off. Thinking maybe a AGV helmet for about 400 i think it was? not sure what model but it felt comfy, and im looking for a leather jacket for maybe just under 400. What are peoples recommendations?

    Back home in good ole wagga now :) after watching essendons game on friday night, was out of this world.

    Any chance i could get a link to these magical PDF files?