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Casual looking bike boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by matti-san, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Hi all I wear a pair of A* Goretex boots and they are great. Had them for about 12 months and wear them every day. Waterproof the works, but they are slowly wearing out and I reckon I will have to replace them this year.

    Anyway I would to try and get some boots that I could wear off the bike with jeans that are a bit more casual looking. I saw these on line and the look is spot on, wanyone had experience with these or similair boots.

    And yes I know that sport type boots should offer more protection. :roll:

  2. i think they would be more for a bike with a heel n toe shifter on some of the cruisers, i use pair of rivets that are umm supposed to be water proof but in the event of a good down pour feet will get wet, they go alright under jeans only give away that they are motorcycle boots is the shifter protection pad on the toes
  3. Bring out your inner Bikie, Matti. You can't go past Johnny Rebs...

  4. I've worn Thomas Cooks for years, I buy the Outback II Style boot and get the shoe repairer to sew/glue on another pad of leather on the left boot for the gear lever wear.


    If you get up to Fountain Gate, try the shoe repairer (corner shop) on the ground floor not far from the RACV .. I paid $120 for my last pair, and $10 for the extra leather pad to be sewn on.
  5. If you are happy with A*, you may want to stick with A*. They have a new range/style of touring/road riding boots -> click here.
  6. Had a look at those a couple of weeks ago & was not impressed even though they were on sale for $75. The sales guy told me he was trying to get rid of them & he would not be ordering any more. The boots are very soft & bend up from end to end very easily.

    I ended up getting a pair to cover the ankles from Aussie Disposals for $140. :roll:
  7. Those A* Indy shoes look alright, might have to get a pair
  8. Hi guys good feedback but I must say I don't want any boot that doesn't cover my shins, broken shins seems like a whole world of pain :shock:

    Will have a look around and let ya know.