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Casual looking bike boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MudwiG, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Hi guys looking for some advice on bike boots.

    Im after something that is discrete as possible and that I can walk around in and wear with jeans etc.

    Im looking at these RST's, is the fact that the laces are exposed a horrible idea?

    Budget is up to $200 - anything else I should look at or know?

    RST Roadster Classic Boots - Brown Online Motorcycle Accessories Australia - SCM

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  2. I'm wanting to buy some Falco Shiro boots (if there is ever stock in Australia), similar and they have a zip on the inside so you don't have to udo and do up the laces all the time.
    This style seems to be quite popular. I do wonder about the laces tangling on a footpeg or similar, but maybe double knotting them will keep loose loops to a minimum.
  3. Checkout AMX and MCAS websites

    AMX had several pairs depending on your exact need MCAS had a few also
  4. The laces themselves aren't an issue.

    Just keep the bow short enough that it cant get caught on the peg or gear lever as you go to put your foot down when coming to a stop.

    Not using double bows would be wise too, so that it the lace did get caught, a little more force and you should be able to get it down.
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  5. Pretty sure I saw them in the Lane Cove store here?

    FALCO SHIRO MENS BOOTS - Black Online Motorcycle Accessories Australia - SCM
  6. DriRider iRide2 are similar and look alright.
    RJays Ace
    RJays Terrain
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  7. Good advice, so the soles on these look ok, wont slip if I stand on an oil spill do you think?
  8. Step in enough oil and it wont matter what sole you have.

    Wear these and you'll slip in oil. Wear a $600 pair of top shelf race rep boots and step in oil, you'll slip.

    The art in not slipping is watching where you place your foot down. Just avoid the oil ( or loosegravel or whatever) and your foot wont slip.
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  9. I've got something similar - Johnny Reb Rascal. Lace the boot up to the right fit, take it off, tuck the loops between the tongue and the "weave" of the laces between the eyelets. Easy to do with zip-sided boots. The Rascal's have a padded tongue so no irritation on my instep. YMMV.
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  10. Well I ordered the RST's online, will let you know how I go with them, thanks for the advice guys!
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  11. Keep the suggestions coming, I'm looking for the same thing.

    The boots in the initial post actually look pretty good.
  12. Yeah I was after something that looks total not like a power ranger boot, hope these do ok.
  13. Forma Voyage, loving my pair.
  14. The last two suggestions look like motorcycle touring boots. That's what I have now, RJays Tour AM.
    I think we were discussing motorcycle boots/shoes that have the appearance of more casual footwear.
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  15. I got a pair of these earlier this year. Very happy with them. Can wear them all day and they don't look like moto boots

    Dainese Germain Gore-Tex Boots
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  16. Maybe it's just me but aren't you losing the what a motorcycle boot is suppose to do with these type of low cut boots? ie keep your lower leg and foot protected and for that to occur not have your boot come a drift if you have an off?
  17. Long trousers over my formas and they don't much look like bike boots. Seem pretty casual to me at least.

    Stylmartin are worth a look too. Bit pouncy for my tastes.
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    Yes and no.
    Do you wear full blown race rep boots or more of a touring style?
    The full blown race rep boot will give more protection of the ankle and heel as well as lower leg armour due to the hard plastic bits, but these shorter boots still provide good ankle and heel protection as well as a much stiffer sole than a regular shoe, just like a touring boot.

    Definitely better off with a pair of these than a regular shoe and only a little less protection ( of the shin area) than a touring boot. Most touring boots have average shin protection. If a 3 inch rock was flung up and hit you in the shin at 100KPH when wearing touring boots it would still fcuking hurt a lot!