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Casual look jacket advice

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Gerb, May 21, 2016.

  1. Hi everybody,

    I've been looking at a number of jackets that have a more casual look about them. In all of the reviews and videos I watch, the reviewers never discuss the abrasion resistance of the materials used in the jackets. The jackets often have armor in the impact zones but I'm concerned they will get torn to shreds in a slide.

    Does anybody have any thoughts on how these jackets and materials would hold up in a slide from say 80 - 100kmh?

    Spidi Worker Wax H20ut

    Egyptian cotton outer fabric (waxed cotton)
    EN1621 -1 Force-Tech protectors on shoulders and elbows
    Prepared for Warrior back protector EN1621 -2 L1 or L2 (sold separately)
    Prepared for Chest and Thorax Warrior protectors EN1621 -3 (sold separately)

    Spidi Worker Wax H2Out Jacket

    REV'IT! Elysee Jacket
    Outer shell: polyster oxford 2L
    Outer shell: 85% polyester, 15% polyamide
    Knox LiteCE protection at shoulders and elbows
    prepared for Seesoft CE-level 2 back protector insert – type RV

    REV'IT! Elysee Jacket

    Does anybody have any cold weather jackets with a casual look that offers better protection?
  2. The new Dririder range looks pretty decent.

    Well priced too.
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  3. The waxed cotton jacket, from all research, has very little abrasion resistance , relying on the armor for it's protection properties. What i've read online is that this jacket will shred with most offs.

    As you mentioned 80-110kms heres a link to a person that had an off at 65mph and how their gear looked after the fact to give you some ideas.


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  4. Check out saint clothing.
  5. I wouldn't advise going with waxed cotton unless you really want the peculiar smell of one of these.
    Cordura with semipermeable membrane (goretex or similar) just works better.
  6. Check out the Triumph range of leather jackets. I have the Wykin.

    It has a much less biker look and fits in at the office looking more 'formal' than rider if you understand what I'm trying to say.

    Many other options in the Triumph range. Just google triumph leather jacket.
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  7. Thanks for the ideas and responses. I will avoid waxed cotton and look at some other options.
  8. The prices are sinful...


    They look good though.
  9. Sinful yes. Tough as nails and very casual, also yes.

    I bought a pair of the drills and they are really lightweight. No warmer than jeans but this is now a problem heading in to winter...
  10. Check out Richa jackets..

    Jackets Men

    Rev'IT also have some nice mix of casual/bike jackets...
  11. No problems at all... Get some thermal tops and leggings. I'm a big fan of the brand Icebreaker as their merino wool stuff is bloody good.

    As you are in Melbourne, try visiting Uniqlo. They have some good thermal stuff (yeah, I bought some more).
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  12. Best thermals I EVER bought was the merino top at the ALDI sale in August last year.

    My goto gear for warmth.
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  13. Yeah...Aldi stuff is not too bad as well. I bought the winter pants for $80 and they're still ok.
  14. Yeah. Icebreaker make great gear, i use them for snow. Maybe a nice pair of tights is in order.
  15. I've continued the look at a few jackets. I'm really focusing on a cold weather jacket and the REV'IT Dayton seems to be solid safety wise. The only problem is, no where in Melbourne stocks the brand!

    REV'IT! Dayton Jacket
  16. I know what you mean no one has stock in Melbourne but look at run out stock at revzilla it's there summer now so you may grab a bargain
    I all for supporting the Australian market but it's just so limited
    Also you can try checking out the new store in Dandenong ( macs ) but I might have the name wrong just do a Google search
  17. Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket for Harley, road & MX motorbikes
  18. Check REV'IT Australia... They have most of the items

    Revit Australia

    MCAS has a huge stock so worthwhile making a trip as well.
  19. There is a sale on Draggin Jeans tomorrow in the city, so I was gonig to check it out and then head to Dandi to check out the new MCAS who I think are having a sale as well.

    Revzilla won't ship REV'IT stuff to Australia unfortunately (or at least the Dayrton jacket). I know I could buy it from the Aussie REV'IT sight but I don't like the idea of buying a jacket with out trying it on first. I might go for a regular touring jacket instead.

    Thanks again for the advice.
  20. Have you been to the new store in Melbourne?