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Castle Hill Motorcycles ($yd-knee)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by minoz, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Just a quick note to add this guy to the list of decent, competent professionals who don't stuff you around and don't overcharge.

    Does good, quick work and doesn't offer up bullshit when talking about what your bike needs.

    The only problem is he is in an estate that has waaay too many other good places to spend your hard earned in. Best to just get in, get the bike fixed and get out again.
  2. yeah, i was about to post up something about MAW Castle Hill.

    I was there this morning picking up some consumables. A very friendly bunch with reasonable prices.

    Ended up chatting to one of the staff members and an R1 rider after buying what I needed. I was going to invite them to the monthly gatherings, but that will be for next time. :grin:
  3. I have been there once. They seemed to be decent and honest people.
  4. went there today ...... awesome service.

    and the fact yesterday on Parramatta Rd Auburn following an Accross I noticed the bike had stopped in the middle of the road. Did a quick U-Turn to lend a hand... turns out the chain had come off, the bike woulnd start and to top things off a flat tyre.

    The rider called MAW Castle Hill and they came out, loaded the bike.

    Good service, nice people

    keep up the work.

  5. MAW just sms'd me that they're having a sale.

    How cool is that...

    I hate hearing about stuff like that right when its finishing.
  6. Just another thumb's up for MAW. I'm just up the road from them, and have shopped a few times there. They are honest, decent, happy, friendly people who are always ready to help.