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Cassette tape to CD - how?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ezyryder, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Ok so tonight was gonna be spent taping Jo's and my cassette tapes onto CD. We got the leads, got the CDs, got Audiograbber to convert and Audacity to tape.

    Now Jo is no slouch with IT (don't even ask about my skills :LOL:) so she sat down and learnt as much as she could, figured out Audacity, exported songs to a wav file, placed it into a local drive folder. She opened up Audiograbber, selected the file, everything was organised to convert, hit the button, and then WHAM 'Error - cannot convert files 75% restricted' pops up. Needless to say she's annoyed after spending heaps of time on it. Any thoughts from those in the know? Yes she has googled etc.
  2. did you use audiograbber to record the songs? I have used this programme plenty of times to convert my lp's and cassetes to cd. all you need is audio grabber and to update its mp3 converter as its main one is only 56kb from memory. pm me if you still have probs and i'll try to help step by step. from memory it took a while to setup the audio recording but got there eventually. havent used it in a while so may have to do refresher run but i'll gladly help where I can.
  3. what's this audiocity??? programme?? I just used the line in at the back of pc and audiograbber does all
  4. Cheers CC, Jo's telling me that she couldn't use Audiograbber to tape bec she couldn't figure it out. I'll PM you :)
  5. do you have msn instant messenger account? easier to communicate with you that way and quicker
  6. Thanks for your help Andrew - much appreciated, has helped heaps!
  7. I on the other hand am completely not technically minded and I'm not great with the computers. Is there somewhere you can go to get them converted? JBHIFI or Hardly Normal should have thought of this service a long time ago.
  8. Hey motor there is a mob in Richmond do this and do record to CD as well. Look up music conversions in the Yellow pages. :p
  9. hey motormouth, I'm not that technically minded either so if I can do this anyone can beleive me. its a very simple setup. actually after helping ezyrider out last night i've discovered 2 ways of conecting you tape deck or whatever to your pc.
  10. No worries Andrew, glad I actually managed to help with it all. any other questions with it and i'll try to help if i can.
    First time I've atempted to teach anyone over the net like that so it was a good excersise to go through.
  11. If still you need a hand drop me a line.
    all you should need is a
    an RCA to 3.5mm jack cable or a 3.5 to 3.5 depending on your stereo.. and audacity should work fine to record the input
  12. Thanks guys I think Jo has it covered now - will PM if we need a hand - much appreciated :)