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Cash Back deal from Redwing Honda

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, May 22, 2005.

  1. If anyone is in the market for a new Honda you might want to have a read of this

  2. Hmm.,.interesting.
  3. looks like a purchase of $1000 worth of accessories is in the running as well.
  4. damn it, why couldn't that of come up before i spent $1000 on gear :evil: i hate missing out on bargains :(
  5. You're worried about a $350 cash back!!! Try missing out on a $5000 cash back when buying a 1000RR.
  6. ...ermmm. yes, that would make me slightly pissed off. :shock: ...but then you do have a 1000RR so consider yourself lucky :D
  7. Very interesting. The following is from the Qld Office of Fair Trading website, which contains 2 press releases about Cashback dated 2002 and 2003. Be careful:

    The Terms and Conditions for registering and claiming are here:


    You have to strictly comply with the time limits when registering and claiming, if the claim is to be valid. You also have to send them the specified paperwork, receipts, registered mail records etc.

    I think a lot of people wouldn't be organised enough to (a) retain all this stuff and (b) remember to send it off (within the time limits) either 35 or 54 months after picking up their shiny new Honda.

    Which is how the Cashback people make their money.
  8. If they're not organised enough to do whats needed to score $5000 then its their stooooooopid fault.

    If you comply by the rules, which arent exactly asking you to give up your first born, then the money's yours.
  9. oK who wants to help me rob a bank then i can get my fireblade AND $5000 CASHBACK.....
  10. If we get enough I will get one aswell and we'll get $10000 back!!
  11. ive got a better plan, if we both can get 4 people each to buy a bike we both should be able to get one for free (just don’t tell the people about the cash back deal!)
  12. Not entirely true. You could do everything needed and still only receive $50. There is no transparency to teh amount your are entitled to, and it's all offshore so you have no legal recourse anyway.
  13. :roll:

    Ok, what the crux of my post was if someone cant pull their shit together to get the cashback, regardless of amount, then they suck.
  14. I am about to buy a new VFR800 with a few add-ons, but this looks like a too good to believe offer, might call them to actually get the pro's & con's.

    If you have to pay full RRP, it may not be worth as much as they say.

    My question would be has anyone ever had an experience with this offer?
  15. Sounds like a croc to me.
  16. ditto message short :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Cheers 8)
  17. The payment value is up to $5000.

    Is this company seriously going to be around in 35 months?

    And to quote from their site

    " If there is an unusually high valid claim rate, then the amount paid to the claimant will be calculated on the basis of the funds available divided by the number of valid claimants."

    5000 claimants all get $1 in other words.
  18. dodgy as f*%k methinks...

    has anyone actually signed up for this (or know anyone that has)?
  19. Too many clauses to allow the co. to avoid paying the full amount, if at all.

    The old saying holds true, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

    Caveat emptor guys.