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Casey's a dad

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hornet, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Alessandra Stoner's birth has been announced, on Rossi's birthday!

  2. great stuff.
  3. Will need one of these soon...

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  4. ^ I soooo wanted one of them. You just don't seem to be able to get them in Oz.
  5. I'm led to believe this is bullshit...........
  6. I think you would be a bit big for it Minglis ;)

    Congratulations to Casey and Adriana on the new daughter.
  7. haha.. fair point. I could always let my little bloke have a go tho.
  8. Hooray for Casey Jnr

    What's his name gunna be?

    Ima Stoner?
  9. They had a baby girl. Her name is Alessandra Stoner.
  10. From the interweb.
  11. A. Stoner, not Ima Stoner :D
  12. Ahh well, maybe with him being a father he will grow a personality now :D
  13. And so the Stoner bashing starts....again

    Congrats Casey and Mrs!
  14. Nah, just an observation
  15. A future female GP number 1 ....

    how awesome ... grats to Casey and his lovely wife :)
  16. Awesome news, go stoner ftw again this year!!!
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  17. With a bit of luck maybe by the time she is old enough.

    Elena Rosell got a go at Moto2 last year, first female at that level since 2003. Only got the gig because Julian Simon had an accident the week before.

    We can hope though:biker:
  18. Onya Stoners!! Congratz. :)

    Hotel Lobby in the future:
    "Call for A Stoner. I have a call for A Stoner. Is there an A Stoner in the area?

    A Stoner:
    Oh hey, that's me, I'm A Stoner!

    ;) :)
  19. Congrats Stoners!
    Good to hear of a worthy addition to the gene pool in this day and age!

    -Bit shitty to be doing training at Sepang of all places :s

    Would be good to see more women in the sport, there is no reason they couldn't/shouldn't be world champs competing with the guys. Maybe bruise a few ego's ;)