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Casey to be world champion tonight!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by ned.kelly, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Hello all, I thought I may as well make my first post a big one!
    Casey is second on the grid behind Nicky and his biggest problem may not be the doctor but rather the bunch of mad europeans and japanese behind him riding for contracts... Predictions: Casey to win, Nicky to fall off trying to keep up and the yamaha to blow up again, handing (a very deserving) Casey the world championship. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    All the while those of us with only free to air tv have to wait to 1.30am to see it because channel ten are going to show the boring as bat shite F1 race first! :evil:

  2. :shock: do you mean we've got to sit through one of Bernie's Pit-Stop competitions first????

    Seriously, I doubt if Casey's team are realy thinking about sewing up the championship tonight, all they will want to make sure is that he finishes up as high as he can, and in front of Valentino....

    Oh, and despite your naming yourself after a famous criminal, welcome to Netrider :LOL: :LOL:.
  3. Fair comment hornet... and we all know that valentino loves a race when he's backed into a corner. But don't underestimate Ducati wanting to win the champioship before the circus leaves Europe...
  4. Yes, I agree with Ned ! :grin:

    Hayden will F-up the start and Stoner for a flag to flag victory ! ;)
  5. Casey has 85 points in the bank; he only needs 15 more, no matter what Rossi does.

    Casey will want to win. Ducati will want to win. But several tough seasons past will tell him that if push comes to shove, he can cruise and collect....
  6. Don't count your chickens folks. Ask Mick Doohan about Assen. Casey hasn't won it yet. I wish him all the best though.
  7. Not if Rossi collects 25 points.
  8. Ok another way.

    Even if Rossi wins every other race this season, Casey only needs to collect 15 from all of them still to be champion....

    Why why why do they show F1 before MotoGP !!!!

    Like c'mon, we have an aussie world champion in the making here and they are showing F1 which has no significance !!

    I'm off to watch pay TV !!!
  10. Why, because car drivers outnumber motorcycle riders more than 20:1.

    Thats ratings and thats democracy.

    Give me a benevolant dictatorship (run of course by ME!) any day.
  11. Hornet, don't put the mozz on Stoner. You have been around racing for long enough to know, it is not over yet. He's looking good though. I can barely wait for the race.
  12. Stoner was fastest in morning warm-up. Looking ok so far
  13. Correction. Stoner needs 40 more points IF Rossi wins every race from here on out.

    It's not "in the bag" just yet.
  14. The title is Caseys to either win or lose. He may not do either tonight. I will be glued to the box.
  15. +1 on that Micky, how the hell can they justify programing it that way!

    Bloody idoits! :evil:
  16. Actually, I can see why Ch10 has done it. :oops:
    Like right this minute (around 10:40ish PM) they are still in the middle of the 250cc race.

    But still, they could have shown a long movie or reruns of Seinfeld and not let fans wait until 1:30AM ! :evil:
  17. Its just finished !
    No spoiler here.

    But its worth staying up to watch. . . . . . right up to the 3rd last lap !!
  18. What a race!!!!!!!!!
  19. Tub of Wasabi peas and a bottle of lemon lime and bitters are on the coffee table, I'm all set.....
    I'll not be leaving the couch til its over :)
  20. yeeaaah !
    I like seeing Rossi's rear wheel lifting off the ground while braking into corners !
    Reckon the guys at Michellin shake their heads when he does those post race burnouts . . . . . like hello, we want some post race tyre data !

    Stoner to wrap it up at Motegi next week!!!