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Casey Stoner's actual race helmet

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by spunky, May 26, 2009.

  1. Hi all new to this forum so virtual drinks on me!

    Thought you all may like to see a helmet i recently got for my collection. Its casey's actual race winning helmet from his 2007 championship winning year.

    How do i post photos?[/img]
  2. u need to make a few more posts to put up a pic
  3. Ten points if you can pinch off a loaf in it and get it back on his head. :)
  4. How did we let a pom get hold of that. :grin:

    Just joking mate, must have been in the right place at the right time for that one, congratulations.
  5. Ha ha wondered how long it would take for the Pom thing. :)

    Anyone got email i can send it to? Be cool to get the photos up
  6. make 4 more posts then u can post the pic yourself :)
  7. make sure they are good posts, bumping is frowned on by the stricter mods in here ;)
  8. Introduce yourself in the welcome lounge :)
  9. You'd better not have his wrist-guard too :evil:
  10. Ha ha nope just his helmet. Looks great cant wait to post some pics
  11. This is different to what i am used to :)

    There is no browse button? Anyone on email then......... :grin: [/img]
  12. the add image to post clicky is underneath the main text box.
  13. Ok i see it

    Here goes




  14. how did u get it, bought it? and if u did buy it, may i ask how much?
  15. I bought it from someone i know well connected in the paddock, but am not allowed to give details.

    As for price............. it was a lot, but have been told very very rare, as Casey doesn't give anything away and his stuff is like rocking horse S***
  16. C'mon out with it, you're Casey aren't you?

    That is f#*king mint, well done. :wink:
  17. Ha

    Is a great helmet i love it. Thought the Aussies would appreciate some pics!
  18. lolsogay

    does it fit on your head?
  19. Nope :)

    Just for the cabinet