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Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo will boycott the Japanese MotoGP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Defending world champion Jorge Lorenzo and current championship leader Casey Stoner have confirmed that they will not take part in the Japanese Grand Prix in October.

    The earthquake and tsunami disaster in the country in March caused the race to be postponed until October 2.
    However, the Motegi circuit due to host the race lies just over 100km from the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant and both Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner refuse to race there."I will not go and most riders have the same opinion," said Stoner, the 2007 MotoGP world champion.
    "That's my opinion and I've had it for some time. Not as long as Jorge. I took more time to make my decision, but I will not go there.
    "That's my decision. I guess it's up to the organisers to figure out what's going to happen.

    "If a similar thing happened near my home in Australia I wouldn't be going back there. It'd be the same situation."
    Both Stoner and Lorenzo ride for Japanese teams -- Stoner for Repsol Honda and Lorenzo for Yamaha -- and the Motegi circuit is owned by Honda.
    Lorenzo, though, says he will not reverse his decision to boycott October's race.
    "I took this decision not to go to Japan a long time ago," said the Spaniard. "So I am not active in the ongoing discussions about going to Japan because I have already made my decision.
    "I think if we can help Japan in another way we will, but I think going there is not real support."
  2. Pussy'swhats a litle radiation gona do.
    Htfu and race girly boys
  3. It's a hundred kilometres away - if he's that worried he could get a radiation dosimeter badge and wear it.
  4. Every time he opens his mouth, I just wanna smack it.
    "Wake up to yerself, boy".
  5. Pussys, absolutely.

    For guys who are out there literally risking their neck, this seems like a huge overreaction & also very hypocritical of the "Support Japan" campaign that's been going on.

    I read they will receive more radiation exposure on the plane flight there, not to mention any cat scans & xrays they may happen to have during the year.

    Maybe they're just illinformed...?
  6. I really dislike Stoner - always have
  7. They're happy to take the money and praise from Honda, Yamaha, Bridgestone et al. and pay lip service to the support Japan
    and "one heart" campaigns but this is really disappointing.

    Don't shit where you eat guys. Actions speak louder than words.
  8. Jorge says he made his decision a long time ago? Before he had all the information that we now know? Who advises these guys?
  9. Looks like I'm going against the grain here, but I'd be pretty uneasy about it if it was me.

    I'd have in my head the people that are 100's of kilometers from Chernobyl that are still having deformed children, high rates of Down Syndrome and Thyroid cancers 25 years later.

    Saying that though, radiation released was about 10% of Chernobyl, and background radiation at 100km's as mentioned earlier is the equivalent of the plane flight over.
  10. Where would MotoGP be without Japan?
  11. I'm with you Sammy.

    I would not be trusting the Japanese goverment.

    And its only a motorbike race FFS, not worth any risk of radiation IMHO, what so we can all sit in our loungeroom and drink beers watching a race?

    Good on 'em for standing up for themselves I say, better to live on your feet than die on your knees.
  12. Peiple only get deformities from a lifetime of low radiation levels. They're not gonna get hurt froma couple of days. Japan needs this and the motogp is kicking them when they're down.
  13. Welp, if their vaginas are too sandy to race, I'm happy to go as a wildcard. After RdP crashes and Simoncelli takes someone out, I'll even be in the points!
  14. Some pretty harsh comments on here. Tell me - would people visit Melbourne if there was a Nuclear accident in Geelong? And does everyone believe statements made by governments?
  15. I believe the main cause of deformities and cancers would have been the radiation entering the food and water supplies. Stoner and Lorenzo can always buy imported food and water in Tokyo and bring it with them for the day. Take a dosimeter on the plane trip and compare it to the readings on the ground at Motegi, they might be surprised.
  16. Put your hand up if your willing to spend a week or so that close to a nuclear disaster zone .. me personally .. no chance!

    and it's not a lack of nuts, it's more the fact he would like to keep them.

    Adriana travels with Casey to all his race meetings, and I reckon they would like to have normal healthy kids one day.

    I'm with Casey .. and yes I'm a BIG fan!
  17. Good on em' for standing up for whatever they believe and at the end of the day they are the one's who would face the possible effects, if there are any should they participate in Japan.
    There is also said to be a petition that contains the names of 16 of the 17 MotoGP riders (not Japanese rider Hiroshi Aoyama) and "90 percent" of the Moto2 riders that has been handed to officials/Dorna - according to crash.net, so for all the haters I say, if you hate just one cause' of this then hate em' all.

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  19. Those reports say 600 square km (230 square miles) of land is contaminated. If this area is circular, it means a radius of 13.8 km. The furthest out the reports talk about radiation levels being high enough to warrant evacuation is 30 km. The Motegi Race Track is 120 km from Fukushima Power Plant, and Tokyo is 225 km from the plant according to Google Maps.
  20. Look, they risk their necks, literally, to provide us with entertainment & to be among the most highly paid athletes out there, basing this on safety grounds is just bullshit.

    If it's a power play with Dorna, then say so.

    How much money is the Japan GP worth to Japan? They missed out last year too, that's got to hurt the ecomony...

    If they know something about their safety that we don't, all well & good, but Jorge made up his mind in... what, march?

    Sure, the japanese government could be lying about the actual levels of radiation, just like the russians did, but how hard is to buy a radiation dosimeter?

    Not very, you can get them on eBay for less than $100.


    First sign of danger, get on the next flight.

    Either they're all pussies apart from 2, or there's more to this than we know.