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Casey locked up

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hornet, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Dont know about the "genius" part, i see it more bike than rider, but thats me.
    But yeh good on him.
  2. nice to hear he's been confirmed. Gotta be a big payday for Stoner this contract. I hope they'll get a third bike for Capirossi for a year, until he retires.

    very good bike + good tyres + good team + good rider makes a championship contender.

    Capirossi is also a very good rider and all the other variables are the same for him too but he's not in the same position in the championship. That extra bit has to come from the rider...

    same diffrence between rossi/edwards and pedrosa/hayden.
  3. "reported to be worth $5mill" they said on the telly this morning....
  4. Rossi is reported to have rather spitefully said of Casey's recent win that 'now the condition is quite bad for my champoinship because tyres decide the results'. Even allowing for broken English/Italian, that's clearly sour grapes of the most demeaning sort.
  5. Given that he's second and on Michies, is that a valid comment? Lots of Bridgestone shod bikes are behind him in the points.

    Thing is, Stoner is where he is because of all the factors that others have mentioned. Tyres, machine, team, talent.

    I suppose that having a control tyre would settle at least one of the arguments. But then it would take away one of the basic elements of the class - that of a class for prototypes.
  6. Now now Hornet be fair. He also claimed it has given him a victory at Assen as well. You can read the full transcript from here:


    And for the past three dry races, the tire have decided the results. Michelin's were the hoop to be on in Sachsenring (Rossi stuffed up there) and Assen while Bridgestone completely dominated at Laguna Seca and Turkey. Theres also going to be races where they are evenly matched such as Catalunya where we will see exceptional racing.
  7. I love this quote

    Q Talking about the tires, do you think we should have a one-tire rule in MotoGP?

    A. So. Now, I don't know. But I have to say that like this is very bad for the show, I think. Because all the fans like the riders and like the manufacturers. You have Ducati fans, Yamaha fans, Rossi, Stoner, Capirossi, everybody. But nobody is Michelin fan or Bridgestone fan. So the people that looking on television say, "Why now Rossi take 30 seconds and last time Stoner take 30 seconds? What's happened?"
  8. As for the sour grapes:

    Q Will it be more difficult to try and catch Stoner than it was to catch Hayden last year?

    A. So, last year the difference was that the situation was different. Unlucky braking, tires, engine. This year is more performance about Stoner, about Ducati, about Bridgestone. So I don't know. Now we go on holiday, and we'll see. We have seven races. Is a long way. We always try to win. After, we see.

    Doesn't sound like sour grapes to me, more a man being entirely realistic about the situation.
  9. Why do you love that quote? Do you agree with him or do you think it is an exucse for him not leading the championship?
  10. I understood FL to be commenting about tyres. I mean, it's correct. We support Ducati, Honda, Rossi or Stoner, but a brand of tyre? I know it's illogical, but it's the way I think people are.
  11. I agree on that indeed but for the sport as a whole I like to see diffrent manufacturers from both bikes and tyres competing. I don't think WSBK got better with just the Pirelli's.

    I like the tyre battle but it shouldn't rule the championship. But then again, I read on crash.net an article where an ex champ (don't remember who) mentioned that tyres were overrated and there really wasn't that much of a diffrence. But hey, both the ex-champ as us haven't ridden the motoGP bikes...
  12. I reckon said ex-champ was only ever running the dominant tyres of the day, and so would naturally say that tyres are over-rated, so as to not diminish his own accomplishments.
  13. Wasn't the change bought about by some getting tyres specifically made for a track and flown to them overnight ?

    That can't happen now
  14. Correct. Especially in Europe. Michelin riders could test on Friday and Saturday morning, and Michelin would manufacture tyres to custom-purpose suit the conditions and have them flown in ready for Sunday's warm-up and race.

    Bridgestone, operating out of Japan, wasn't able to do this.

    The tyre rules are really interesting now, because they do away with "race day specials" and more focus on the general purpose performance of the tyres.

    Now, more than ever, it's a level playing field with the tyres, and it would seem that some ex-champions and a certain tyre manufacturer have all been caught with their pants down.
  15. ....

    .. which in different words was what I was trying to say. First of all it's not 'my championship' , to quote Rossi, but the championship; he isn't even the defending champion.

    But it is churlish in the extreme for him to demean Casey's riding by saying that tyres will determine the championship, and doubly so when he for many years was the beneficiary of the very best tyres to the expense of other teams.
  16. Sure. I wholly agree. It's always a different story when the shoe's on the other foot.
  17. Did he actually say that? Because, when I read the transcript of the interview, he doesn't.

    Didn't he also say 2 races ago that 'Stoner is riding like a God'? None of these sound like a man trying to decry the efforts of another. Instead, what he is trying to do is make Michelin come up with the goods and develop their tyres.

    As for race day specials, apparently not everyone got them, but Michelin would more than likely win, so the tyres per se were better. For the 4 or 5 flyaway rounds, Bridgestone still got their bums whipped, so the race day tyre doesn't hold for that either. Certainly, for times when they stuffed up, they would brew a tyre on the Saturday to race on Sunday.

    What Bridgestone have done is create a better overall tyre.

    Remember also the tyre rule says that you have to nominate tyres for the weekend on the Thursday. Make a stuff up with your reading of the weather, then you are gone. It doesn't matter how good your A tyre is, if all you bought were your B and C's.

    I don't know who you are talking to about ex champs.

    As for worldsbk, the racing did get better. The Michelins supplied to Ducati (and only to Ducati) were said to be worth 1s a lap. Regardless of what else worked, the tyres would account for 1s of it. That to me makes for a tedious championship where 1 part of the package simply makes everyone else (even those on the same machines) irrelevant.
  18. I love the quote because it sums up the fact that people don't really care that much about tire manufacturers and so it being a deciding factor will really Sh!t the fans.

    I am not making comment as to whether or not the tires are all that counts, just that there are no real bridgstone or michillin fans.
  19. I hope it doesn't rain for the Brno MotoGP. The WSBK's were there last weekend, and the MotoGP bikes will be there in 3 weeks. It'll be most interesting to see how Pirelli have improved, 'cos they reckon they've picked up their game in the last year. The power:weight ratios of the WSBK and MotoGP bikes are now almost dead even as well, so we should have the best indication yet of the differences between the various tyres. The MotoGP bikes are still more agile than the WSBK bikes, but the WSBK bikes have more grunt to spin up the tyres to dirt-track it through corners.

    It'll be very interesting.

    As for Rossi, the phrase "two faced" comes to mind. It's hard not to have some bitterness in defeat, no matter how gracious of a front you might try to portray, and I think his comments are letting some of his true feelings slip out.