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Casey in the wet..

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by thesal, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. anyone watching the GP?
    fkn hell...nail biting stuff
    Vermulen's a freak too..
    bad luck Danny! haha

  2. I soooo dont like Dani, and while his stack looked kinda harsh, I was damn pleased to see him slide down the board :grin: :grin:
    Shame bout Ant West, too.
  3. "casey in the wet"

    dang, where`s the "this thread is ghey" smiley........
  4. I am brave enough to fly the flag, for the "pimply-faced-ranga".

    he is solid in the wet, and yet again, comprehensively smashed the field.
    suck shit to all the haters, the boy has skill.
  5. +1
    .. and the ENVY of every rider here I dare say.
  6. He's not just solid in the wet, when he can get the Duc setup to his liking he's pretty much always at the pointy end of the field.

    Sure he's not a media whore like some of the other riders, but much respect to somebody that chooses a direction and dedicates so many years to it. He didn't get where he is by chance.

    I believe that this season will be tighter than last but I think Stoner will retain his title.

    Good to see CV up there too.
  7. +1..you really get to see the skill on display on a wet track - how freaky was it when they went to Pedrosa's onboard camera about 3 seconds before he lost the front end..

    seems to defy physics with the lean angles they manage to get in the wet - spose it comes down to purpose made tyres and great rider skill as well as softer 'wet' bike setup...
  8. Very tense race, even my sister who hates all motor sport stayed up to watch after seeing how easily Danny went down.

    Real edge of your seat stuff.
  9. Great shame. Showed considerable ability in the wet, both before and after his off. Just shows what a pig that bike must be in the dry. I suspect he's already lost the ride for next year, but I'd love to see him get another shot.
  10. awesome race :cool:
    awesome skills :cool:
    total envy :cool:
    knew CV would do well in the wet!
  11. One of the best rides ever, from "bluey". Wouldn't you love to have the talent, to be able to use those tyres to their max.?
  12. I really enjoyed it, and it was edge-of-your-seat viewing.

    Even my stayupright instructor was talking about it today :grin:
  13. The Ducati certainly agrees with Stoner (cant say the same for anyone else?). Vermulen always does well in the wet also. My way of thinking says anyone who is that good in the wet is a skilled rider so cant help thinking if Vermulen's bike was set up better he would have much better results in the dry also! I'd love to see him have a go on the other Ducati.

    Two Aussies on Ducati's and I'd be happier than a pig in shit!
  14. I'd guess that a lot of riders must be pretty headf@#ked by Stoner's (and CV's) wet riding abilty. Must've been playing on Pedrosa's mind, so he's pushed himself too hard trying to break the hex.

    Sponsors finance Stoners living and Ducati provide him a bike. They only ask one small thing in return and that is that he goes out to win. And he does.