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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by nil_orally, May 8, 2006.

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  2. hey thats pretty cool !
  3. I swear i saw one of those the other day, it looked like a scooter but with a roof to protect the rider from the rain (Kind of like on a golf buggy)
  4. That looks pretty cool, I wonder how it handles
  5. Its for people who want all the creature comforts of a car,but are 2 chicken sh*t to ride a bike,and still want the lean angle. :jerk:
  6. Every year there is a project or two like this. Some are designed by upstarts, some are research projects from established companies, and they all have one thing in common: you never hear of them again.
    It seems that for while they might make sense from engineering point of view, the market just isn't interested.
    I wouldn't be interested either.
  7. Pretty crappy turn circle by the look of it.
  8. [IMG:303:380:51e236d7f3]http://www.motorradmarkt.at/bike/a/adiva.jpg[/img:51e236d7f3] Something like this???
  9. Thats it Josh, ugliest looking vehicle i've seen on the road.
  10. It's a Benelli Adiva. They are convertable and that roof folds down into the boot for when you don't want it up.
  11. Crikey, nearly gave me a heart attack, I saw the headline and thought Carver (Karel) had gone down or something...
  12. I want one.... the best of a bike, with no rain :LOL:

    but cant lane split either :(
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  14. they're doing it again. the BMW "clever" is in development. its an alternative fuel vehicle with the same lean capability, and BMW build quality
  15. I thought it was about the alcohol, mmmmmmmm drink more piss :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Considering it's only got a 650 motor in it, it's not exactly cheap . Though I am impressed a 650cc engine will propel such a large machine to a top speed of 185 kph.
    Dead straight, no wind day I expect.

    I wonder who makes the motor?
    The Carver people or Rotax?

    Did anyone find pics of the interior of the Carver, The dashboard? gearshift controls etc?
  17. It's turbo charged and is a 660cc. Without the turbo it would only dream of reaching that top speed.
  18. Well I'm not at all familiar with turbo systems.

    So I was unsure if a turbo intercooler and a turbo charger was one and the same.

    And I don't think my making the mistake of calling it a 650 will make 10cc worth of difference.

    It actually says 659cc if one wants to be really picky.
  19. lol yeah i didn't mean anything by the 10cc. I actually think that it may use a Suzuki engine as the suzuk Cappuchino has a 660CC intercooled turbo engine in it.

    The Turbo intercooler is just like a big radiator but for the turbo. It is simply used to cool the air that the turbo is bringing in to the engine allow it to:

    A) Run more efficiently and produce more power (cooler/denser air combusting better)

    8) To Simply help keep the system temperature down.

    C) You can usually run higher boost once an intercooler is fitted.

    You can get significant power gains through the use of a intercooler depending on the type of turbo, type of intercooler and state of tune. Nearly all turbo systems will be intercooled now if found on new production models cars (think Patrol 'intercooled turbo diesel' ads and alike).
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