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CarsGuide Survey has some interesting points that affect us

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rc36, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. Your verdict: Aussie Motoring Survey
    Jaedene Hudson

    Flashing lights should be installed to warn drivers at school zones, according to thousands of CARSguide readers. They also call for increasing the highway speed limit to 130km/h, random drug testing for all motorists and noise limiters on car music systems.

    Nearly 10,000 readers responded to the CARSguide 2005 Aussie motoring survey, which asked about driving, tolls, fines and motoring issues.
    More than 85 per cent of readers say all school zones should be identified with flashing lights. Most of the hundreds of school zones on main roads across NSW do not have lights to warn motorists. These zones are identified only by signs and road markings.

    The soaring cost of fuel is another hot issue. As prices skyrocket above $1.20 per litre most believe the Government should control fluctuating figures.

    More than 56 per cent of readers nationwide (54 per cent in NSW) are considering buying an alternative fuel-powered car and 28 per cent would pay more for a hybrid car than a petrol car. The Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid are the only two hybrid cars available on the market. Hybrid technology is still relatively expensive to produce but Toyota manager for alternative fuel vehicles Vic Johnston says the price will fall over time. "It won't be long before you will walk into a showroom and be asked do you want a four-cylinder, six-cylinder or hybrid with that," he says.

    Most people say top speed on freeways and motorways should be 130km/h. However opinions are split as to whether there should be a 50km/h speed limit on all suburban streets.

    A third of readers think the blood alcohol limit should be cut to 0.02 but 86 per cent supported random drug testing for motorists. The survey reveals that women, under 18 and over 60 years of age, are most likely to feel the alcohol limit should be lowered.

    Driver training is vital and 81 per cent say training should be a compulsory high school course. There are similar levels of agreement for males and females of all ages.

    More than three-quarters of responses called for drivers over the age of 75 to sit a refresher test with those under 34 years of age agreeing most, but interestingly more than half of respondents over 70 agreed.

    There has been a lot of publicity about 4WDs being inappropriate for city traffic with some groups wanting them banned. However, most responses did not support a 4WD ban on suburban streets.

    Fines and demerit points are a worry for all motorists. About 68 per cent say double demerit points are a deterrent but doubling fines at the same time is just fundraising. And the majority view speed cameras as a revenue-raiser for the State Government.

    Noisy car stereos are unpopular and 60 per cent of NSW respondents say car sound systems should have a noise limiter on them to stop them being heard outside the vehicle.

    On average, people will spend $35,000 (slightly higher at $36,000 for NSW) on their next car. The top five favourite brands nationwide are Holden, Ford, Toyota, BMW and Subaru. European cars are seen to be safest. A quarter of respondents say Volvo is the safest brand with a fifth choosing Mercedes-Benz. The majority (55 per cent NSW and national) of motorists feel both luxury and safety are equally important. Just 34 per cent say safety is more important.

    In NSW, 86 per cent of motorists (87 per cent national) say cars more than 10 years old should not be banned from Australian roads.

    My comments.

    Yes, it's car oriented, but I thought that issues like increasing the speed limit on open roads and compulsory driver training were signs that the car community are at least thinking about making things better.

    Disappointing to see no mention of motorcycling, especially in the area of economy of operation, but, as I said, it was a car-based survey. Make of it what you will.
  2. Reading things like that anoy me to the extent where i cant explain myself without swearing, but im trying...it would be interesting to see the sample size and how 'random' these people were selected..for example it could have being the concervitive upper classes interviewed..i mean come on, theres nothing wrong with driving 4wds, pumping music (i dont think so, i dont do it anyway myself in my car, but i dont mind been in cars pumping it)..

    as per you saying there was no mention on bikes there...the survey isnt about what people think will be good, its just what people want to have a whinge about within the set anwser list (assuming it was multiple choice)
  3. I did the survey online. It was also in the HeraldSun so really the only people who would have responded were those who read the Cars Guide. Most of the topics were car related (sexiest, blandest, what do you like/want etc) but there were some safety related topics. Interesting reading if only for interest's sake.

  4. Music that is pumping inside the car isn't the issue.

    If it's pumping outside the car then it's noise pollution. The law doesn't allow noisy exhausts on bikes or cars anymore... so I can see where they would similarly not want to allow cars to be noisy from other sources.
  5. The one point that was particularly of interest to me (other than the 4WD issue) was the aged cars - although I generally agree that banning cars more than 10 years old is too extreme, measures DO need to be taken to make sure said cars are maintained.

    I'm sick to death of seeing rust-bucket cars pumping out ridiculous amounts of smoke and coming across the huge oil patches they leave all over the road. They're a serious hazard to other road users. I saw a van the other day that was blowing so much smoke that it had completely obscured the number plate with crud - so much so I couldn't read it to report the vehicle. Grrr.

    And 4WDs... well, with the HUGE ownership of them now, it's unlikely any survey is going to offer an objective point of view. They are a menace on suburban roads, as the recent safety research published in Royal Auto suggested. Restrictions should be placed on their ownership: a bare minimum should be compulsory training, and ideally a demonstration of why ownership of such a vehicle is necessary.
  6. I beg to differ. You need to be able to hear at least some noises outside the car - you know, things like sirens, screeching brakes, trivial stuff like that. :roll:
  7. Re: CarsGuide Survey has some interesting points that affect

    Probably not - I doubt the general motoring public have anything nice to say about us anyway, we'd be in danger of facing a 4WD style banning question :LOL:
  8. Indeed - it's important car drivers can here these things, because they definitely seem to drive with their eyes closed.
  9. I dont agree with the talk of 4wd banning..my dad drives a 4wd ute for work (builder) and needed it for the heavy payload it takes, plus going to remote sites..what happens if he needed to drop me at school one day when my car is broken down??.

    plus, with the cars older than 10 years, i agree that not banning them, but there should be some structure tests which have to be complied with, as there are already emissions..im heavily into older mazda cars (RX series) and some of them go back to 1969-1993, which is compleatly out of 10 years older..
  10. this is a good idea, too bad it's too hard to regualate.

  11. I would promote a ban on 4WD's. In cases like your old man id be happy for him to continue to ue it as it is required for work, and he can be considered a "professional driver" and that he's probably gonna act 200% safer driving it than some noob city only 4wd'er.
    I want the ones banned that are driven by missus' to drop the kids off at school, then go do the shopping, then go have extra martial affair, go pick up kids from school etc. You know the ones that the dirtiest they ever get is... well not very bloody dirty...

    You'd support emissions test for old school rotas? ? ? Seriously dude no rotary in its right mind(configuration) will ever pass any emissions tests :p
  12. What's with the "we should ban 4wds" mentality? If you don't like something, ban it? Is that the answer?

    Or regulate it to the hilt maybe? "You can't drive a LandCruiser unless you prove to the satisfaction of (who? a bunch of bureaucrats?) that you've got a genuine reason to own it."

    And that's expected to make the world a better place? What a load of codswallop.

    Let's be consistent here. Lets ban R-1s, Gixxer thou's and ZX-10Rs, unless a prospective owner can prove to a cardigan-wearing pen-pusher that they actually NEED that level of performance in a vehicle. Much safer than the current arrangement, surely?

    Time for a reality check. What needs to happen is a lot of time, money and effort being spent on improving driver (and probably rider) attitude. Never mind sniping at "soccer mums" in their Prados - you're just as likely to be taken out by Little Miss 18 in her Accent, or John Q Public in his fleet Falcadore weaving into your lane because he's busy on the phone.

    I don't care if Mum, Dad & the kids get around in a Kenworth prime mover - as long as whoever's behind the wheel actually pays attention to what they're doing. (Fat chance)

    [End of rant]
  13. Seems to be the case. We've got so many rules and regulations in todays society that some of them contradict each other, and many don't make sense.
  14. do you drive a 4wd gromit? :LOL: :wink:

    i do see what your saying gromit, and i agree, banning doesn't really solve anything does it. the same stupid ppls will go out and buy a lancer and still run you the fark over :roll:

    but i'd like permission to still biatch and gripe about these arseholes whenever i feel like it :D they are the single scariest group on the road in my eyes. i dunno if i've got a sign on my bike that says something like "hey, you've got a 4wd, run me over please!" but it seems that way. 4 out of 5 close calls that i have involve 4wds and every instance where someone has decided to merge into my lane while i'm still there has involved them.

    i agree that not all 4wd owners are pricks on the road, i do know 1 that isn't. but i also know a few that dont indicate most of the time, dont do head checks, talk on their mobiles and even see no harm in drink driving if the road home isn't that far :?

    higher freeway limits
    better education
    aged re-testing
    yearly roadies

    all good ideas IMO :D
  15. And there has been NO evidence produced that these annual inspections have any results except make money for the inspectors. Japan has extraordinarily stringent roadworthy testing for cars - to the extent that it's difficult to register anything more than a few years old. Again, their accident rate doesn't seem to reflect this. Similarly if this was a major causal factor then the accident rates in NSW and Victoria should reflect this.

    Despite the cries for annual testings from the Victorial Automobile Chamber of Commerce, even the cops and the TAC don't consider it to be an important safety issue.

  16. I've got a Nissan X-Trail. Does that count? :p

    But it wouldn't matter if I drove a Fiat 500 or a Cadillac Escalade. I just can't stand the knee-jerk "I don't like something so LET'S BAN IT!" attitude that seems to be everywhere today.

    Feel free to abuse any bad drivers you come across, btw - 4wds or not!
  17. Hmmm... A 4WD and an Across - that's two strikes out of three...
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Taken from the Victorian Parliment website:
    "The Victoria Police data revealed a high proportion of vehicles exhibiting defects (35.6 percent) many of which were of a minor nature. Significantly only 2.2 percent of vehicles were assessed as having defects which had caused or definitely contributed to the fatality or more serious injury crash."
  19. i dunno, some of the cars out there are just outright dangerous (i know, i've owned a few :oops: ). i've got mates with rustbuckets, discs worn down to the fins, spongey brakes, tempermental or non-functioning lights. i once bought a ute that registered as a 6 with an 8 in it and had drum brakes up front with no booster alongside the bodywork that had been repaired by bogging a piece of metal into place (yeah, i'm a bit more careful with what i buy now :shock: ). and thats not even mentioning the pollution factor from oil and smoke, roadworthy isn't just about safety.

    some ppls just have no idea about safety and really would benefit from that yearly kick in the ass. it may look like another stab at the low income earner, but i still think it would do more good than harm, theres too many cars getting around out there that are just lucky to have not been caught in a bad situation yet :?
  20. lol,lets be consistent here,we have to take a specific license to ride bikes,so why not 4WDs? They're a completely different kettle of fish to drive compared to a Toyota Corolla or the likes.I dont believe 4wds should be banned outright,but surely a special license to drive one wouldnt be out of the question,can guarentee it would cut down on the numbers of soccor mums drivin the friggin things. :LOL: