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Cars vs Bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by magpies03, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Eyy guys whats everyones opinion on cars vs bikes? Which one gets more attention and is more of a headturner, a done up car e.g. skyline of a bike?

  2. get a postie bike and wear a pink jacket.

    Definate head turner.
  3. Really depends on the car and bike in question i spose...

    And for the record i dont consider skylines to be cars :p
  4. depends on both.
  5. C'mon...! Bikes!
    Only soft cocks cream over cars. Unless its ol skool, especially all original. Or something over 100 grand.

    We all know most people in fast cars dream they had big enough kahuna's to get on a bike and push it to its limits.

    How many times have you had a wrx, skyline, etc try take you at the lights?

    (They'll never learn!!!)
  6. I defy ANYONE not to turn around and watch as a Ferrari drives by.

    Bikes? Unless you know bikes, from a distance they all look alike, and it needs to be something LOUD or really outstanding to draw as much attention as a car-sized vehicle does...
  7. Personally? I barely notice cars as anything but obsticals and potential threats. I perve on every bike that I see.
  8. Bah, Ferrari... unless its a unique model its not worth the neck strain. Besides I always seem to end up behind them, waiting, waiting, waiting for the driver to realise what the speed limit is and wind the thing up. Gee they throw off some heat uh?
  9. I have to say the majority population is more likely to notice a car as thats what they prefer... like me not really noticeing cars at all.
  10. Excellent summary. I'd like to add trucks, buses and pedestrians to that list.
  11. ????????

    What's a car???
  12. Damn straight

    Thats probably also true. Also cars are a bigger part of our culture with the ford/ holden rivalry so i think most people are brought up on cars and therefore the general population has more interest.

    From my personal experience ive always had alot of people come up and compliment me on various cars ive owned but fcuk all people ever say anything about the bike...
  13. lol why spend 15 grand on a Skyline when you can get a R1 that will ripp all of them put together?

    ps i agree, what is a car?
  14. A car is something that can carry more than two people, that is impervious to the weather, that can carry groceries home from the supermarket, and for which tyres cost around $140 each and last for around 30,000 kms. :LOL:
  15. You come to a bike forum and ask which we prefer? Either stupid or a troll.
  16. In posing terms, I notice both for their merits.
    i.e. an F430 or Viper RT/10 will turn my head just as easily as a R1 SP or 999S.

    I guess for each person each will appeal more to their own interests.
    Personally I love both. I love cars and bikes for their own features.
    I loved my XR8 to death. The sound coming out of the 3" exhaust always gave me that little *tingle*.
    Just as I will love to own and ride whatever future bike I get. Very likely to be a V-twin sports tourer of some sort.

    In practical terms... bikes for fuel economy, bang for buck, and general touring fun.
    Cars for higher safety, extra passengers, carrying larger amounts of gear, etc...
  17. Skylines are of course exempt from this category. They have more in common with lip gloss or nail polish. :roll: :p
  18. I love my ba xr8 i love my z900 and i love my zx9 in regards to what gets the most comments from bike people the z900 wins hands down noise factor the zx9 wins just :grin: and from the general public who dont really know much about veichles the shinny red xr 8 comes in first :shock:
  19. Im jealous =P~