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Cars Trying To Beat Speed Camera

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by enforcer, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. Bet most people watching have never heard of TVR!
  2. yeah of course i have, its on grand tourismo.. :LOL: :LOL: Bloody awesome piece of motoring.
  3. Touche. I remember the TVR Grantura, one of their first cars, in 1964! That Tuscan is a mean piece of kit these days.
  4. The Speed 12 was probably taking things a little too far though.
  5. is this a top gear vid? im guessing it is if there's a tvr in it
  6. Yep, Top Gear extract from a few seasons back if i recall.
    170mph was what it took for those that CBF downloading the video.
  7. Are those speed camera triggered by induction loop in the ground surface like ours are?
    Good vid, would have liked them to have used a bike for comparison though..
    Love the Stig's(sp?) choice in music, always got harcore tunes blasting from his cars. :LOL:

    Oh yeah, if your going to watch the video, watch out for the p0rn BANNERS if you're at work :wink:
  8. And lets not forget John Travolta's car in Swordfish :)
  9. 5 YRS ON > Great Link to what you missed originally!
  10. Could we put NSFW in the title please? I clicked on the link before I saw this post.