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cars tagging along on bike cruises

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Androo, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. I was wondering what you all would think of a car tagging along on one of the cruises (perhaps reefton or great ocean road).

    I've got a friend with a silvia (not fast, but awesome suspension setup), and I reckon he'd really enjoy those roads.

    (You may state your opinions with the assumption that he is a polite, safe driver that wont get in peoples way.)
  2. personally for me , no worries
    as long as they arent idiots .

    the car will get left behind getting out of town , but will catch up on the outskirts .
    having a car doesnt make that much differance.
    as long as he has a map and sits back from the bikes a touch , why not
  3. As grommet said, if they stay behind the pack then they should be encouraged as a support vehicle.
    I did a ride with the group in the car early this year but had to be in the city at 2pm so I turned around.
    I'm planning on going on a ride soon, might get some great shots too :)
  4. Personally I hate them. The thought of a car trying to keep up with bikes on the Reefton for example gives me the heebie-jeebies. There's too many other bikes using that stretch of road, it would hold up traffic behind and possibly be a danger to anyone coming the other way.
  5. cars are meant to travel our roads too arent they??

    no probs with a car, but like those two above say, they have to stay back behind, not try to race/beat us. its bad enuff when bikes are racing too close to each other but a car trying to keep up/beat us would be coconuts turns around and goes home material.

    i like what vic said about the support vehicle too, it could prove quite handy in the event of something nasty happening.
  6. Id rather know that there is a "motorcycle aware" driver behind the wheel in the car thats tagging along than some "Mario" with no clue or worse again, "Farmer Joe"
  7. I agree with Vic. It is comforting to know that the car tailing you has a motorcycle aware driver in it. :)
  8. I would see it as more of an issue on Reffton than GOR mainly for bikes comming the other way. The problem I see for the car driver is, Androo from your post I asume this car handles very well. That is going to go out the window when it is loaded up with evryone's lunch.
  9. i personally would try to recruit them onto a motorcycle so they can experience wat v enjoy doing with r toys however like u stated if they r sensible i cant c it being a point.
  10. What is the v r u c crap?!?!?!

    Post full words dude, you are allowed more than 160 characters in this forum, you dont need to save space.
  11. think about it.........

    the car will end up at our destination, chat with the riders and so on.

    if its reefton or the black spur, any car travelling along them no matter how fast or how good the suspension is, will encounter other cars and find it extremely hard to pass them.
    we as riders see this all the time.
    youll always find cars bunched up , because of the lead cars speed.
    we on the other hand, on our bikes, manage to get by in places where its reasonably safe to do so.

    therefore any car, either travelling with us or any other car on the road shouldnt be a problem.
  12. I don't see any problems with it, especially if the car is pulling a bike trailer as well , just in case on those long rides :)
  13. I would think that the bikes would lose the car even on the twisties.. but this all depends on rider and driver capabilities...
    but hey, i assume all of you are mad ass riders and kick bum when it comes to chicken strip eating!
  14. thanks guys! i was hoping you'd feel that way :)

    unfortunately i wont be going on any cruises for a while, i used up the last few mm of my front tyre at reefton today :(
  15. Androo, I say bring him along.... The more numbers we got to go to Reefton and cane asses the better!!!! Fully SICK!!!!

    Oh, does he have ultra violet lights under Sylvia though..... That would be better if he did, cause then it would look like we REALLY mean business out there on Reefton caning asses with my 250cc jockey whip.

    Also it would be a good idea if he has all them race fairings on Sylvia like in that movie. I think it will uplift our image and really launch us into the mainstream if he is pumping the beat of the Net Rider Drum, through a 102 inch subwoofer. That way, all them pussies at Reefton will know we are coming and either let us pass.... OR they will pull over and pretend they are admiring the Great Aussie landscape on turn 28.

    It's all cool.

    Uhm, is his car white?

    Cheers all.

    YOUR "Whip It, Whip It Good." ZZR250 PUP

    Why does he call his car Sylvia though? Bit weird don't you think? I'm gonna call my next car Shandi.
  16. Was going to ask the same thing, couple of my mates have nice rides.

    we went down there today down the GOR and all went well (cept for nearly getting run off road by 4WD :evil: )
    But, as long as cars arent up anyones arse its all good 8)
  17. lol George.....u sound pumped!!!

    Shandi??..does it run on beer and lemonade? 8)

  18. I have absolutely no idea what to say in reply to that :LOL:
  19. That's probably one of the most apt responses made to a thread I've seen.
  20. Support vehicle all the way! We're dumping all our luggage in our mate's Porsche riding up to qld :D