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Cars parking in my space

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Flylo, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Went for a ride with the wife today, and parked in a parking spot, that was parallel to the gutter, in a popular park. I parked in the middle of the space.

    When I came back to my bike, I was horrified to find not one, but two cars parked either side of my bike. they both had parked in such a way that I wouldn't have been able to get my bike out, and I would have had to wait for one of them to come back. Lucky, one of the cars still had the owner of the vehicle inside, and I proceeded to give him a mouthful, then my wife took over and really tore shreds out of him.

    I was so furious that these people think they can park almost on top of my new pride and joy and think it is ok. I know it is Australia day and there were no parks, or limited one's, but does that give them the right to do what they did? What if it was a car in that spot? They would have to keep driving around looking for a spot, but no...it's almost as though they thought I had no right to use a car parking space.

    I didn't have a paper and pen on me to leave a note on the other car, but I left them something else, which will probably make them think twice about doing that again.
  2. At risk of really copping it,

    Could you have parked to one end of the park to allow one car to park normally? By parking smack bang in the middle you possibly enticed the two cagers to give it a go... Whereas if you parked to one side and one car parked normally, might have filled up the space better...

    Not sure of the situation, just saying... *flame suit on*

    Make sure you give your wife chocolate or something tonight, she did well :D
  3. Was it something cool like a dump on the windscreen?
  4. As I rode away, I thought I should have taken a pic so I could explain it better...oh well.

    If I had of parked on one side, yes, it would have stopped both from parking there, but they are still taking up MY space, regardless of how much of it I use. I normally, almost always, park on the footpath, but that wasn't possible, and there was a designated area for motorbikes, but guess what was in that spot?...yes a car.

    Yes my wife did well...but I think that's the Italian blood in her...and it's not the first time I've seen her go off at these idiots on the roads.
  5. Lol. Not quite.
  6. What is a bike in Victoria doing parking in car parking spaces. We can park almost anywhere we like {wink}
  7. is your wife hot and does she have a sister ?
    you are so lucky to have a pillion you can unleash on un-suspecting cagers when necessarry
  8. you can park on the footpath in vic you know.
  9. In my head, the cars that parked next to you were stopped in traffic, and you were just filtering along.

  10. Really??? Never knew that....Are you serious?? Why have I been paying $20 a day for parking, when I could just...what did you say?...park on the footpath? Omg...What an idiot I am!
  11. Havent you noticed all the bikes on the footpath,
    I never park on the street, always on the footpath,
    I never get comments from people either,
    Just dont obstruct the footpath,
  12. Just because we can park on footpaths doesn't mean we have to. After all, motorcycles do pay rego just like any other vehicle (except for those freeloading cyclists).

    I know I'll certainly park in a "car" space if I think it's safer than the footpath, or if the footpath has been taken over by streetside cafes.
  13. you've never noticed all those bikes parked on the footpath?????
    Maybe you shouldn't ride if your observational skills are so shocking ;)
  14. Thankyou 'jd', there was nowhere to park on a footpath. Seriously guys and girls, I have been parking on the footpaths for decades....maybe take a look at my earlier posts...
  15. Its safer to park on the footpath, Cars dont back over your bike,
  16. Yes...sorry....I can't see three feet in front of me.
  17. I dunno. With some of the drivers I've seen I sometimes wonder if my bikes are truly safe even inside a shed, at the back of my house.
  18. dont give him any new ideas lol
  19. You have to own your space. To me, that means diagonal parking across the middle(ish) of a car space if I have it to myself. There are circumstances where it's not appropriate, of course, if it puts your bike in the potential path of moving traffic, but, generally, where I mostly do it, it tends to be protected by other parked cars in the spaces ahead and behind.
  20. not true legal to park on foot path generaly tolerated though