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Cars letting you pass on single lane roads Dangerous or being bike friendly?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Alasdair86, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Just want to get a consensus here.

    On weekends I'm often driving around in nice roads such as Jumping Creek Road (Warrandyte - through Wonga Park - leads to Homestead rd) which are great fun in a car, and I can only imagine will be awesome once I get my bike. These roads often have poor sighting, blind corners and such, but unjulate, dip, curve - awesome roads. However on Sunday I was driving along the above road and there were heaps of bikers about. Now, my speedo undereads so when it says 60 I'm probably doing about 55, and the natural speed on that road (I totally imagine and have never tested...) is around 80. I've not had an accident or a speed ticket in more that 7 years of driving though and want to preserve this, but I had all these bikes behind me and felt guilty holding them up. I eventually pulled over so I wasn't holding some guy on a cruiser up on Homestead road (and only just missed a Fiesta sized pothole incidentally...)

    Having just found out it'll be another month or so before I get a bike (a car swap deal with my little brother that lands me an older car + enough change to play with got delayed, as someone rear ended my little brothers car so we can't swap until it's repaired and the insurance claim is sorted) and having these situations occur most weekends, am I doing a nice thing, or am I just being a dangerous tard?


  2. I think you're doing the right thing, and certainly your intentions are good. There can be times when an attempt to be courteous to another road user blows up in your face, but ... [shrug] you do what you can.

    Don't fixate on one thing - keep your eye on the big picture.

    If you mean to let a bike through, be very sure the way around is safe, and be very clear that you want him to pass. I've often had people (seemingly) slow down and give me a good clear overtaking opportunity - only to have them come back while I'm half way past them, and then have a cow that I tried it on in such a crazy place - bla bla bla.

    Tap the brakes a couple of times, arm out the window, and wave him through. An indicator is ambiguous - it could mean you're turning right into your driveway.
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  3. Just make sure it's in a safe location. With law as it is, if you actively let/wave somebody pass in an unsafe spot, you might be partly liable for any problems resulting from that.

    And some people are just jacks. :(
  4. on the flip side, just because a cager waves you past dose'nt mean you should pass. judge for yourself when it's safe to pass. and still be wary of that cagers intentions. they are not nice people and cannot be trusted. for all you know, he may be waiting for an oncomming truck to wave you into.

    it is a rare occassion for a cager to notice me behind them. but does happen on occassion and is apparant that they want to convenience me, by moving over, slowing down, using their indicators etc.
    i'd probably rather they just drove as badly as they usually do. because i'm used to that and i can predict/anticipate/prepare for the next dumb/careless thing they are about to do.
    i find it disconcerting when they are aware of me and adapt their behaviour to accomodate me.
    so to any cagers reading this post, please just drive like you usually do you dumb ****s
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  5. I think it's the polite thing to do, if you're obviously holding someone up (whether they be a bike or any other vehicle).

    Mind you, if I had to pick a number I'd hazard that about, say, 80% of the people who wave me through don't do it on the straight, flat bits of road where there's plenty of visibility to the next corner and only the legality of double-white-lines preventing a safe overtake had they not moved over. No, for whatever crazy reason enters their head, they'll inevitably wave me through on a tight, blind corner in a series of S-curves, (sometimes with a car they can see coming the other way!) and then look confused/baffled/upset/disappointed that I chose not to accept their offer, well-intentioned as it may have been.
  6. is there a better example of driver ignorance and need for real training?
  7. happened to me riding last week, guy let me pass. i am on my l's and i let 2 riders pass, indicated once to show i was letting them past (fast sport bikes) in the left wheel track, they appreciated it. i think you just need to be sure of the person in fronts intentions.
  8. i live at the end of that road, 80 is definately more than doable, even if a work van (trust me)

    i like it when people move aside, however, its sometimes irritating when someone pulls to the left, slows down, but i judge it to dangerous to pass/dont wanna go over the limit.

    good to see some people do it, though :)
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  9. Lead, follow or get the fuck out of the way.

    It seems like you have a thorough understanding of what this means, now if you could only teach it to some of the fucking retards who are riding bikes.
  10. not indicate once.
    move to left wheel track and point your right toe out, or just kick it out a little. whatever you can do ,but you signal for them to go past you with your right foot. (we drive on the left)
    universal language.
  11. i think you might have read that wrong. i was already in the left wheel track. but i did only indicate the the right once, might do more next time. but i wouldn't do something like that being on the right side of the lane LOL
  12. I had two cars pull to the left of the lane, but not completely off the road, to let me pass this morning; I took it that they both knew that I wanted to, and was able, to go quicker than they were, and in both cases I took the offer and returned a cheery wave as I tootled by. They will most likely do it again, having been acknowledged for their kindness. Win-Win.
  13. You really got to pick your times when passing cars that pull over or seem to anyway.Sometimes its consideration that they do and others are well either half cut/smashed,half asleep,texting on a mobile or even copping a blow job :shock: The shit I've seen over the years never ceases to amaze me.

    But I always give a wave to those that conciously leave room to let me go by.
  14. Apparently it is not, my flatmate who is just on his Ls for the bike but has had his car licence for years didn't know what it meant.
  15. On the road in a car/truck the unwritten rule is you flash your right indicator once if you want someone to pass to your right. This also means that it's safe to pass, trucks use it alot because the people behind them can't see the road ahead. If I'm in my car on the mountains and a bike comes up on me I'll signal him as I'm just exiting a corner onto a straight if I can see it's clear. Once I see that the bike is actually making the pass I'll lift off the gas to make it easier for them.
  16. see - this scares the crap out of me. In England you indicate left to show you're letting someone past which to me makes more sense. For months over here I couldn't understand why nobody came past me when I was letting them......

    how do you know someone is trying to let you past and not just turning right?
  17. tough guy.
  18. I hate it when they pull over or put one wheel off the road to let you go around.
    I can get around them at will and with ease. I don't need them flicking up stones or dust to let me by.
    I will take you when and where I choose.
    All you have to do is stay between the white lines and not hit anything.
  19. I bet you say that to all the girls.

  20. Agree that non-riders and new riders may not know this. But at least the foot out has the advantage of being relatively harmless.
    The truck practice of apparently flashing indicators one to the right has sucked me in to dangerous overtakes more than once. They can do as they please, but I don't trust it any more. A left indicator at least lets you know that they aren't turning right. Usually.