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Cars Beeping at you

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by scoobysanx, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. This has happened to me a few times now, filtering through traffic and the car i pass beeps at me.

    what gives man? i can only guess that they dont want me to filter pass them for some reason

    i turn around to confront them, they say something but can't hear them

    anyone else had this happen to them?

  2. They usually call me a F'ing Arse'le :twisted:.

    It happens. As long as you're filtering in a manner that doesn't directly impinge on them, ignore it and enjoy the satisfaction of their frustration.
  3. There's a belief that you're jumping the queue.

    But in fact it's a beep which says, "I wish I was on your bike." Embrace it.
  4. I usually get the "What the **** you doing man?!?" Feel honored to get a beep :p
  5. I normally give a big thumbs up. It's my SOP to any princesses who are generally displeased with actions I may take.
  6. I changed lanes legally (cars were going about 85-90km/hr for some reason) and I was going at the speed limit of 100 in the middle lane (Westgate Freeway city bound) and changed into the far right lane to overtake the slower car in front. Car in the right lane was about a car length behind me, beeps and flashed his high beams being all angry. I gave him the thumbs up and I think that made him even more angry and accelerated at me...lucky for me traffic was slowing down ahead to about 40km/hr and managed to get away from the idiot. Pretty sure I heard tyre squeals as I got away.
  7. I wave and give a thumbs up. Troll on forums, troll in traffic. Troll on.
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  8. I've been beeped a few times, i get so many different reactions when i look in my mirrors, most of the time they are mouthing to their passenger probably saying something like "that bloody motorcyclist!"

    Everybody believes you are jumping the queue as robsalvv said they have no idea your doing it to increase your safety the other part is just an added advantage :p
  9. it is probably cos you have their side mirror wrapped around your elbow ! :+P
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  10. As far as I'm concerned they're just saying "hi" so I wave back.
  11. What I find funny is when you beep at them to warn that you are there and then they beep back. Mate I am not saying Hi.
  12. +1

    I used to be so full of envy of every rider to split down the middle of traffic to get to the front of the queue, so one day when I was stuck in traffic for about abnormally long amount of time and I just lost it one day, I decided then I would go for my learners permit and every day since then I've ridden a bike rain, hail (no hail yet *touchwood*) or shine ;)
  13. headphones on, exhaust pipes loud, me giving so few ****s and general hating everyone means even if i do get abused and honked at, i wouldn't even notice.

    Not like i could notice over how awesome filtering a ****ing awesome motorbike through traffic is, anyway... I'm sure we all have the same issue of being simply too awesome for non-motorcyclists to understand. life's tough.
  14. Trolling is something we must strive to incorporate into all aspects of our lives.
  15. Amen.
  16. has never happenned to me.
    but then... i'd probably kill anyone that did that to me. they'd be beaten badly with their own mirror. but actual cause of death would be extensive haemoraging and blood loss from their rectum, caused by a foreign object, otherwise known as a passenger door mirror.
    a dark cloud passes over as i filter past.

    i really like the thumbs up response haha
  17. Hasn't happened to me either. Only had some dick in a 1 tonner cut me off. I nearly impaled myself on the back of his tray - last minute. Shithead.

    Didn't matter, just kept going eventually. I can't let that shit get in my head in a bad way.
  18. Hasn't happened to me yet either. May be I'm too quick? lol

    But I do get the odd funny look when I come to the front of the queue and place myself right in front of someone. Mind you, never see them again once the light changes, so who gives a f...!
  19. Have you checked to see if your flies undone?