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Cars and Trucks that give way to Motor cycles.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by deadman, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Here you can post up your experiences of cars and trucks that have pulled over to the left to let you go past, or have moved sideways to allow you to filter.

    I was coming up Canterbury road to Dorset road, Two up, Filtering past the stationary traffic, when I stopped behind a truck, The gap was a bit too skinny for me, even tho I could have got through,
    The truck driver saw me sitting there, and drove his truck forwards and sideways to allow me to get through, I thanked him as I passed his window and stopped for the lights,

    I personally have a lot of cars and trucks that move over for me, whether filtering or moving down the highway, and I always wave a thank you to them as I pass,

    It is amazing how many drivers are becoming bike aware, Which is good for us riders,

    This is not a thread to can drivers who dont, or open doors, or squeeze you when your passing,

    Lets hear the positive side of drivers for a change,

  2. I moved from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast in December 2011. I have been amazed and delighted to find that cages giving way to motorcyclists is the norm up here. It is rare that people don't move over to let me pass, often when I wasn't even intending to do so.
    Thanks, regional Queenslanders!
  3. 'tis not rare, but then neither is it common.. but I've had move over/ wave me thru/ or even pull off the road to let me pass... on the Oxley corners of all places,

    much appreciated, and get a wave from me for doing so......
  4. Happened just yesterday, surprisingly while I was riding rather enthusiastically (even though I didn't put any pressure on this car (as in ride right on his arse etc) he just moved over to let me hoon. Older bloke too, probably in his 60's at least.

    I too waved as I went past and he waved back. I'm guessing he's a rider but most riders (particularly of his age bracket [I know I'm generalising, badluck]) would shake their head disapprovingly if they saw how I was riding.

    Happens more often then someone trying to close the gap on me. Could be because I'm not normally around long enough for them to close the gap though.
  5. Old dudes are the ducks guts, I know cos I am one.
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  6. Happens pretty regularly, usually when entirely unnecessary. I would say it is mainly riders driving. I pretty well always do it when I see a bike filtering up and I'm driving.
  7. I had one do it for me last night on my way home, and gave me a nod on my way past. Top bloke.
  8. All good replys in less than an hour,

    Keep them coming,

    So its definately not the Crazy eyed wild man coming up behind them that makes them pull over for me, Hahahahaha
  9. No, it's still that...
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  10. If I'm in the car and I see a bike behind me I'll keep an eye on them to see if they look like they want to filter down either side - I'll always move over if I think they want to go past. I don't think I've ever had a wave though - but if someone moved over for me I'd definitely wave.
  11. I have positive experiences like this nearly every time i ride... there are HEAPS of courteous car drivers out there... and even more truck drivers (percentage wise)... it's really good to see, and like you i try to wave thanks whenever possible.

    I have noticed i get more courteous drivers on my louder bikes and more drivers who don't notice me trying to filter through when i'm on the 250..... When i used to commute on the monash with the CBR i'd drop down gears so it was noisy(and i had better throttle response), put the lights on high... and cars would routinely move over a little 50m in front of me... it didn't delay them, and it gave me space and let me know in advance that they knew i was there...

    Big Thanks to any car drivers reading this... though there wont be many lol
  12. I found this happened more often when i changed bikes.

    When on the 14 traffic moves on pretty much every commute.
    Not so much on the 650.

    I don't think it's a visibility thing.
  13. I have this regulary (pretty much daily) on the Monash of all places.. Cars have even moved completely in to the emergency lane to let me past.. Always acknowledge them when I do go through, common courtesy as far as I'm concerned..
  14. I get this regularly. I find Sydney drivers to be mostly OK, the cagers with good attitude outnumber the w4nkers.
  15. A number of cagers move over to give me more room when filtering but it does seem to depend on the road I'm on. Best I had was a semi spot me filtering along in very heavy traffic on Ryde Rd approaching the Epping Rd overpass from the west and swung over. I waved as I passed and he tooted his horn and waved back! Something else I've noticed more frequently of late is the number of lead cagers at a red light who leave a gap in front when I'm filtering up... noice!
  16. I ride a lot during peak hour in the CBD and often cars will move over to let me pass... but for every 5 cars that do that, I'll find one that either intentionally closes gaps so I can't change lanes, or worse, actually moves across to block me.

    Sometimes I think that there are actually heaps more motorcycle riders out there driving (current or past) than I expect...
  17. Weather I'm in the truck or the cage, I'll do my best to let a bike get by.
    Can't say the favour is returned to often but when it is, I definitely throw a curtesy wave and or a nod in said drivers direction.
  18. i give them a friendly toot if they don't move