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Carrying the Essentials ???

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ascottaudio, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Hi all.

    The new bike (2012 z1000) has the tiniest space for storage.

    My old bike (2003 zx9) had enough space for my phone,wallet. can of tyre puncture spray (dont know if they are any good)...and the standard onboard tool kit..

    The new bike fits the tool kit..the rego plackarde (still to find a good home for it) and my wallet and that is it..

    Because of this limited space I am thinking about getting a small back pack..

    The question I would like to get some thoughts on is: What are the essentials to take along while riding..I realises it may depend on the length of the ride..but just want to get some feedback on this subject..

    For example..do I really need the tool kit?..

    I also realise that there will be a plethora of amussing replies about what is "must have" so..bring it on!
  2. streetmaster has the same bike, just put a rack on for a bag. each to their own in what you carry with you. by the way, nice bike!
  3. I've got a rack and a bag. Bag usually has a bottle of water, muesli bars, cap, sun glasses, reading glasses, extra pair of gloves, tissues, jam jar lid (to go under the side stand on dirt) and phone. Tire repair kit is under the seat. Use a business card wallet to carry a credit card and a little cash in a pocket in my leathers.
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    Sticky tape, a bag of cat litter and a box of condoms. Trust me.
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  5. Gaffer tape, toolkit, mobile, wallet, reading glasses, pocket knife, chain lube (if going more than an hour or two), ... and the wife - Brigitte Bring-it-all Kneedragon. Anything she doesn't bring is truly a superfluous luxury.
  6. Phone, wallet, pocket knife, first aid kit. For long rides I add hoodie
  7. I'm a bit of an 'over packer'. Wets (including boot covers), maps, puncture kit, toolkit, cable ties, duct tape, water, sunnies, motorcycle atlas, muesli bars, torch, SPOT GPS messenger, jumper of some kind, balaclava, extra gloves for rain, sometimes extra meds, clear visor to swap out with tinted visor when it gets dark and believe it or not I even have a first aid kit that fits between my rack mount and tail that I carry on longer trips. Whew, it's a wonder I can get anywhere with all that crap. Having said that, I have found myself stuck in some pretty remote places for extended periods and been just fine.

    I remember going on one trip where a friend showed up with his R1, helmet gloves jacket pants boots and cigs. He had a pair of flip flops sticking out of his pockets which was his stuff for the weekend. He put those in my bag. :)

    Another trip in my earlier riding days I showed up with a giant Ventura bag with twice the stuff in it than a couple riding on a cruiser had. I've tried to cut it down but I like to be able to chop and change plans and I do have a bit of an anxiety issue.

    Oh, and if I'm doing my video/photography thing I also have a tank bag stuffed with goodies for that which doubles as a backpack so I can keep the valuables with me.

    Now, if I'm going on a long trip....
  8. Keys


    Stubby holder
  9. Mobile phone,
    credit card (with available funds)
    Water (Particularly in Summer).

    If I'm going overnight then what I take depends on the overnighter.

    Basics are

    clean jocks and socks,
    Spare T shirt
    tooth paste and brush
    Wet weather gear.

    If we are planning on eating at a resturant then I pack a clean pair of jeans and a pair of shoes.
  10. The bare essentials are;

    Don't leave home without it;
    Wallet (cash and credit card)

    Basic life savers;
    RACV or equivalent
    Bottle of water
    GPS emergency locator beacon

    Useful to have;
    Wet weather gear
    Puncture repair kit
    Pump / gas canisters
    8, 10, 12, 14 mm spanners / ratchets
    Axle spanners (you need two I believe)

    Kind of useful;
    2m of string
    Duct tape
    Spare wire (can replace string if reqd.)
  11. Don't get a back pack..........

    Get a small tail pack - I recommend kriega
  12. Under the seat:
    first aid kit
    puncture repair kit, cannisters, pump
    fuses, tool kit

    Tank bag:
    visor cleaner
    tyre guage
    garage door remote
    spare ear plugs

    Plus or Minus:
    (GoPro is always on the bike these days)
    neck warmer/blaclava/jumper in colder months
    ocky straps
    museli bars
  13. ok.. thanks for all your suggestions they will certainly help me figure out what I need to consider.

    Today I found a spot for my rego placard.=D> I removed the bolt holding the rear brake fluid thingy (technical term) and located it there. It is visable and not fowling anything so now I have a few extra millimetres in the "boot".. which is still stuff all..really just enough space for the wallet...and perhaps a museli bar...because..

    From what I have read so far It is a MUST to have muesli bars on hand at all times..I didnt know this... but will ensure that I get a supply.

    Today I did a decent amount of research in regard to "punctures" and think that using "Ride-On" (http://www.ride-on.com/) as a preventative measure would be a good way to go.Although it doesn't seem easy to get hold of as yet.

    I am also considering a small back pack so if anyone uses one or has any thought on these..I would appreciate the feedback..

  14. doesnt your jacket have pockets for wallet phone etc?

  15. Not sure if this is directed at me, dan, but I have plenty of pockets which are strictly empty of any hard objects.
  16. It is also important that you never replace the muesli bars until you man up and consume the old ones left in your bags. Repeated heat cycles and squashing makes them better for you.
  17. Cable ties come in handy, especially bush riding where bolts tend to vibrate loose, and they don't take up much room.
  18. nah wasnt necessarily directed at you

    is it incase you crash that you dont want hard objects in your jacket?

    i always carry my phone wallet and keys in my jacket, i dont have a tank bag or anything and only ever take a backpack when im going to uni. i guess its just a risk im willing to take but i dont think they would too much damage in a crash, why would they make jackets with dedicated phone pockets etc if they were really such a big hazard?
  19. yes, that is correct. I've heard a couple of stories that support this including one rider on here with a cracked rib from a very lowspeed off and a mobile phone. Keys are a def problem too.

    try a tank bag. it'll grow on you.
  20. i keep my keys wallet phone in my jacket most of the day too though
    too much muckin around otherwise