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Carrying stuff when riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wang chung, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. I assume people have been busted carrying all soughts off dumb stuff when riding bikes so there would have to be laws to stop it.

    Planks of wood over your shoulder, slab on the tank, bowling bawl in your hand??

    If the load is secure ie bag on your back. it should be ok?.

    I often go to kfc or whatever and just get a plastic bag and have it around my arm.

    Tyres over your body?


  2. I used to ride from maccas drivethrough with the drink sitting on the tank, I did lose a few cups before i got the hang of it tho :(

    I don't think you'll get pulled up unless it's something pretty dangerous
  3. HAR HAR,

    one time i put my chocolate thick shake on the tank, while standing still. So i could put it in my bag and it slid off the tank :( :(
  4. I took a 9KG gas cylinder on the vetura rack.
    It was pretty secure thoug hwith occy straps
  5. i bring home computers on vetura rack

    a few occy straps
  6. On short stints back from the supermarket i'll often just sit a box on the tank. The last one i did fit nicely just in between the ends of the screen so it didn't move from side to side. If i accelerated quickly it would've moved back towards me but as i'm just tootling home from the shops it doesn't move an inch. If the box was heavy then i wouldn't do it... but more often than not it's just my big bargain box of Mee Goreng or something. :grin:
  7. You'd want to be wary they don't bust you for having an "unsecured load" (if that's applicable to bikes) since the penalties for that are actually quite high.
  8. Do pillions who think they know more about riding than you do count? :p
  9. i often carry a carton of beer home.. or the general shopping...

    ahh the beauty of owning a scooter hey ;)

    a floor to stick stuff on and it in no way changes my balance when riding or footing/seating position.

    guess thats one thing us scooter riders do better :p
  10. what about carrying stuff on you..like a mobile phone in your inside pocket or coins in your draggins.
  11. Back when I had a scooter, I once took a drive to the beach, one hand on the throttle, the other around my mr whippy ice cream :grin:

    The best way to carry stuff on a bike:

    So you own a bike and you want to go play some golf at the driving range? Tennis anyone? bought some macca's? Six pack?

    Here's the solution: 1. Tuck in you shirt- Hard and deep
    2. Insert golf club/Tennis racket/macca's/Beer etc. Through the neck of the shirt. Flat items go down the back, Fat items go over your gut.
    3. Adjust yourself on the bike, and your good to go :)

    This method has been tested and works with 2+ golf clubs.
  12. I saw some clown on the Monash today riding a postie with a full cleaning kit on the back - mops, brooms, the lot. That was a sight.
  13. When we're hitting the bottle shop, we found we can get two bottles of wine/spirits, or a bottle and a six-pack underneath my girlfriend's leather jacket.

    .... :LOL:
  14. I saw a bloke the other day flying down the road past my house with a carton of beer on his tank, the amusing part was that he was on one of those little pocket gp bikes.
  15. Cartons on the tank,
    Riding with one hand coffee in the other
    shopping bag loops hooked on teeth and dangling out bottom of helmet
    fast food jammed between dash and bars
    super soaker slung around shoulder :)
    subway under jacket
  16. And you lot whinge when someone in a car is chatting on a mobile phone :LOL:
  17. A carton of beer is unlikely to distract you with it's lousy conversational skills.

    Bike riders on mobile phones on the other hand... and yes I'm not kidding, and I'm not talking about hands-free either. Mate of mine proudly claimed to have done it. Must have shoved it under his helmet I suppose :p
  18. i use my phone for radio all the time with hands free kit on. answer calls and chat away happily on the scooter..

    then again.. the carton between the feet is dam temping.. to crack on open...

    id guess thelegality of drinking a beer while riding would be ummm... bad...
  19. 30 can box of coke on the tank, 4 ltr paint tin (full of jelly beans :grin: ) jammed between coke & chin, & one of those fold-up camping chairs across my lap. Only about a kilometre & very slowly. Oh, and I had a large baguette down my jacket.
  20. A bench press...you guys work out how I did it.
    No rack, bench was NOT protruding anywhere off bike.
    Good luck.