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carrying stuff on my bike

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by kellie_mc, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Hiya! I am new to riding, and have a very cute VTR. I need some advice on carrying stuff on my bike. I have seen lots of racks, and also bags attached to the petrol tank. What do you more experienced riders think is the way to go? Also, where should I go to get a rack fitted? After doing a bit of reading around tonight I gather that Peter Stevens may not be the people to go to? :wink:

  2. Can fit the rack yourself if you follow the instructions and aren't braindead.

    The cost is quite a bit though, $350 is often the price for a rack and bag combo.

    Tank bags are cheaper options, can get them $50-150. Also you can get some bags that attach to the rear seat.
  3. I've been using an Oxford tank bag on the FZR, it's great.

    Fixes with magnets so it's easy to grab and take with you and has back pack
    straps and seat (pillion) straps built in also, very good kit.

    Big enough to take a helmet, got it for around $160.00 I think.
  4. I got a 2nd hand tank bag (magnets in base) which is great for all those pockety-things when riding, and also fits a pair of shoes when in its non-expanded state, but will easily accommodate a full-face helmet when 'expanded'.

    eBay purchase - round $40......fantastic!
  5. thanks for all the advice guys - there's a lotta love on netrider!!
  6. thanks for all the advice guys - there's a lotta love on netrider!!
  7. I want a magnetic tank bag and I usually carry/wear a back pack.
    Heavy stuff in the bottom etc.
  8. How much stuff do you want to carry?
    Is it just for every day stuff or for weekends away?

    I had a ventura rack on my old bike ,but the bag was to big to carry around for local everyday rides.
    Plus ,they don't do much for "the look :cool: " of the bike ,but are great for carrying alot of stuff.

    I just picked up a ventura tail pack for $110 ,they come in a few sizes and easy to take off {see the small clips in the picture}and they un-zip and expand to go taller by about 10cm+ ,depending on what one you get.
    They also have a handle to carry it easy.

    See below for a picture


  9. I've got a ventura rack with an r-jays expandable bag mounted to my VTR.

    Exellent bag, with prenty of room even when not expanded. I've only needed to expand it once when I was on a ride with a couple of mates, one crash on a corner in the Fraser National park near Alexandra, We simply expanded my bag by un-doing 2 zips and loaded all his stuff into my bag. We then dropped him and all his luggage to the Seymor railway station and continued on our way to Phillip Island to do Level One cornering run by the California Superbike School. Something he should have really done!!!
  10. I Bought a ventura expandable tail bag as well.

    Wasn't too sure if I wanted a tail or tank bag, but went to the tail bag in the end.

    It took a bit of stuffing around to get it to fit on the rear seat of the cibbie, due to a small seat, but i think it will be no problem on the VTR.

    Expanded i can carry a pair of jeans, sneakers, spare visor, camera, shirt, wallet and so on. Zipped down to normal size, it's stil big enough to carry gym gear around, and my spare visor.

    I also don't even notice it's there when i'm riding, no buffeting and i don't have to think about it which is great.

    I think it's pretty good over all. Although I'll probably get a small tank bag as well, especially handy is the map window, which I think will hold my hand held GPS if needed too!
  11. Some thing I didn't like about my tank bag on my first bike was ,I couldn't see the speedo or rev gauges ,or If I had turned the blinkers off. :? :shock:
    I tried it on my new bike and I can see the gauges ,so try it on your tank before you buy ,you might want a bigger or smaller one.
    And on my other cruiser ,they get in the way of you knees ,and they feel like there sitting in your lap.
    But your would be surprised how much you can fit in them ,I only take my expendable tank bag when I go away for 2 night - 3 day trips.
    I just ocy straped it to the rear seat. :grin:
  12. Thanks for all the advice guys. I went to Peter Stevens Elizabeth St today to check out their range, seeing it's convenient to work. The accessories staff were quite lovely and did a good job helping me out. I bought a back rack and bag, and thought getting it fitted there would be straight forward, seeing I just parted with a decent amount of cash, and as I said, the service from the shop staff was great. However they told me I would need to book in and wait for three weeks. Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't it be a quick and straight forward job? I actually felt pretty dirty about the whole thing, shame on you workshop! Even though the shop staff were tops, I was disappointed with the workshop. The guy I spoke to wasn't even mildly apologetic. Anyway, I like my rack and bag, and after I find the time on the weekend to sort it will make life much easier!
  13. I recently installed a Ventura rack on my bike and it was a bit of a pain to be honest. The instructions lacked a bit of detail so there was some trial and error involved.

    A three week wait for something like that is an annoyance, but if their workshop is that full there's little you can do about it. If you are at all mechanically inclined you could get the rack installed in under 3 hours, less if your bike doesn't have to be modded to make the rack fit. I think part of the fun of owning a bike is doing this type of stuff so I didn't even consider getting the dealer to do it.
  14. Have to agree with Sleddog that they dont seem to improve the look of the bike, but...

    Yet to find anything that is more convenient than a decent rack and bag.
    I have 3 bags, a 51l expandable, a 56l big mofo bag, and a small courier type bag. At a pinch, I can fit all 3 on the rack.

    Usually I just add the satchel type bag to the rack with some velcro tape, as I dont always carry much. Keep one big bag at work, and one at home, then if I need to carry something large, I can.
    Big boxes also occy strap well to the rack - brought home some large boxes from bunnings - got some weird stares from the checkout girl who wanted to know how I was carry it all home on the bike. Some thought, and it was easy, with the help of 2 occy straps.

    Rack installed in about 10 minutes, - no issues on the M109!.
  15. any old bag and a couple of straps works fine. Just chuck the bag on the pillion seat and strap to down tying it off to the footpegs or something.
  16. Hey Kellie,

    I got my rack and back for my VTR from Scoota City a few doors down from Peter Stevens. They had it in two days after I ordered it.

    Putting it on is very, very simple. if you don't want to wait, I'd be happy to help you out mounting the thing, I did mine right outside of the shop and it only took a few minutes. I'm in South Melbourne during the day so not far away.
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