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Carrying luggage

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by simmbr, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys

    Just brought home my shiny not so new bike on the weekend. My first bike, 1991 Honda VT250 Spada. Goes like a dream. Anyway, I was planning on using my bike to commute to work every now and then. I have a couple of questions

    1. How much do Ventura racks cost, and I spose I have to get the bag aswell? Do they still sell them for an old bike or should I try and find one second. And because its pretty much the same as the VTR250, would it be possible to get one that fits the VTR?

    2. Until I cam afford a rack, is it advisable to ride with a backpack on, keeping in mind I will be travelling at speeds of 100km/h most of the way.

    I know that was a bit more than a couple of questions.

    Thanks guys
  2. I got the ventura rack and 51L bag combo for ~$270 from memory.
  3. I just bought a new rack and bag and it set me back over $400.

    Options: ring a dealer and ask them for a price on a rack and bag for your model bike.

    ring ventura direct and ask for a price.

    As for the rack and bag v rack - i was told by the dealer that I could buy a rack and no bag but ventura would charge me a $30 fee for not buying a bag. I personally thought that was sh*t. but I needed a bag and didnt argue.

    If your riding with a backpack I want to make sure its anchored/strapped to your body somewhere low (like your waist) so it doesnt wobble around. Ive been using a satchel slung across my chest/back and its been fine. but the more wieght in it the more you notice it.

    my 2c
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  5. yep backpacks are fine....for longer rides, through the hills/touring they can get a bit heavy on shoulders, but to and from work they shouldn't be any huge issues :)
  6. Here is the link for the ventura racks bike fitments.


    Basically your looking for the L-bracket part number as that is the part that suits your make/model of bike, then the sports or pack rack to suit that is usually universal and you can have both and switch them over back and forth.

    From memory, $230 for the sports 10 litre bag and $350-360 for the 51 litre pack set up.
  7. I travel to and from work with a backpack - don’t have any major problems.

    If you want a rack cheap just call around the wreckers - Mine was picked up for $50 (and some minor modifications to the L brackets) and $100 for a new rjays expandable rack bag.
  8. +1 to Holly.
    I just picked up a an almost brandnew ventura rack from a 98 gixxer and modified the L brackets, and now it's on. Sure as hell beats the 390 bux quoted by a shop.
  9. as long as your backpack has a waist strap then you wont have any problems
  10. I use both backpack and v rack+bag. I got the V rack with the bike and I found a $5 bag that fits the rack. It's not big but it fits well to the L bracket. I also use backpack since some days I'll be going to uni then work straight after. At uni I have 2 big folders and for work I needed a laptop+equipment. So I cant go with out both of them.