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Carrying Aikido Weapons on a bike???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Brij, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. I need to work out how to best transport my bokken and jo (aikido weapons) on the bike. I have a leather case with a carry strap for my pool cue that I strap across my back however haven't come across anything like this for aikido weapons. Does anyone own anything like this and know where I can get something like this???

  2. I figure your going to have to give us more infromation on the size of the items your carrying...
  3. Hey Brij,

    There's things you can get from sport shops that hold them, but they're basically what you've described with your pool cue bag.

    Sverre uses them when going to Aikido on his bike.

    I don't think there's SPECIFIC AIKIDO things you can get, but yeah, just use what you can :)

    As long as it's got the strap, they can't fall out and you've got it strapped over your chest you'll be fine :)

    And ward - just so you know, the jo's about the length of a broom handle, (pretty much all it is :p) and the bokken's about 3/4 or so the size of that - just a wooden sword :)
  4. Thanks Peahh. I actually cut down the jo a bit tonight to make it a little easier to carry. Wonder if there are restrictions about length of items carried??
  5. I got a bag for that purpose from Tans, was a while ago though. Seen people carry them stapped to the side of their bike. Careful, wouldn't want to have an off with them on your back.


    In hindsight, it was only for bokken length
  6. I wear a back protector. Reckon it would help? I'm also an L plater, am I attempting utter stupidity?
  7. When Sverre got it, he took it and his weapons into the Police station to ask if he could carry them.

    They just looked at him with a blank expression as our wonderful police force loves to do :p

    So, if you wanna be sure, just go ask your local cop shop....just don't expect them to know ;)

    Oh, and yeah it can be dangerous with them on, but you just gotta ride to the conditions :)
  8. Remeber reading a story a while ago bout a chap who broke his back from wearing a bum bag. Probably an extreme case though. Can't see it being pretty when the cops ask why you have a broom stick on your back!! Witch maybe? lol :p
  9. Hehe...hence why Sverre went to the cops first before even using it.

    If it makes you feel more certain, go to the cops and get them to right a letter saying it's ok...just keep it in the bag with your weapons :)
  10. heh heh, good thing I befriended a cop that pulled me over on the bike on sunday! :wink:
  11. care to tell us what bike u have.
    I know of someone that has rubber mounts attached to his forks on which he carries stuff like this. It to use as levrage if the bike falls over lol
  12. Honda Spada. naked 250
  13. I have a bag for Shinai that would work. It is a little longer than a boken,
    I got it at teh marshal arts shop on station st blackburn (NFI What the name is) you could give them a shot
  14. see, this is why karate is much better for bikers......your weapons just automatically come with you where-ever you go...... :)
  15. Dude on a ducati turns up to the Kendo dojo across the road.. if the noise of the duke doesnt get people looking, the kendo sword across the back will do it!
  16. i dunno i can only picture a kill bill scene
  17. I just thought I would share the moment of a friend riding around with a logsplitter handle down the back of his jacket on a Hardley...
    He always looks badass but the handle made him look more serious...
    People were more courteous than he had ever seen and everyone gave him lots of space....the police however are naturally curious and he was pulled over and gave his simple legitimate explanation and was on his way
  18. How you going mate.. I work in a martial arts store we sell exactly what you need. Pm me if u want more info
  19. +1

    A jo will poke out of a shinai bag by only about 10 cm - sounds perfect for you.
  20. off topic but what i reckon will be really funny is some dude on a bike "carry a fishing rod".

    hahahahah :LOL: