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Carrying a tripod

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by lui, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. I was wondering if there's any clever way to transport a tripod (about 70cm in length when folded) on a motorcycle. One way I can think of is to use a backpack, such as one of those Lowepro camera specific backpacks.


    I haven't seen them used on motorcycles, but I can see 2 potential issues:

    1. The bag in the picture is the Flipside 200, exterior height is 42cm, a 70cm tripod is way too big for this bag.

    2. For an upright seating motorcycle, the bottom of the tripod will probably touch the seat which will cause the whole thing to shift up, then the top of the tripod will hit the helmet.

    Other then backpacks, I have seen various tripod straps/bags to wear over the shoulder like sling bags, but they don't look safe or secure to use when riding. Then the other option is to mount the tripod on the bike, have you seen tail bags designed to strap down tripods? Very important the tripod will not move around.
  2. Other than strapping your tripod to the pillion seat, carrying it on a camera bag like the Lowepros works ok.

    I have a backpack style lowepro bag (can't remember the name) and have taken the tripod at times, yes it is bloody awkward and the tripod is pushed upward due to seating position and it can touch your helmet.

    If its only for a short distance it does work out fine though.

    There are ( I believe) other Lowepro camera bags that have the tripod strapped underneath and across the bag. This would be a better option. :)
  3. It may sound really silly, but have you guys thought about purchasing a rack and bag for your bike?

    Even the smallest of ventura bags could be kitted out to hold all your long lenses, cameras, and tripod. That takes the pressure off your back on the longer runs.
    The rack itself can be nearly fully removed when not in use.

    When i go to events at Phillip Island, it allows me to take all my camera gear easily, a pair of thongs, and my lunch :p
  4. Also look at some golf bags.

    I carried firearms in a bass guitar case on my back for a while, something similar might be worthwhile looking at.
  5. I just strap mine to the pillion. Used to use the scooter to go everywhere to take photo's, scooters are great for that, fill the back pack with gear, fill the seat with gear and tie on the tripods and off you go.
  6. Sweet, I didn't know you were El Mariachi!

    You can strap it across the pillion seat, depending on the width of your bike, I carried a tent like that a few times. Just make sure you know how wide you are before splitting.

    Or perhaps some kind of sling bag over the shoulder... Might be a pain though.
  7. Like this?
  8. I pictured it more like this:

  9. Or a real working one made by H&K:


    Mine were more like this:


    Derailed thread is succesfully derailed.
  10. What about using a smaller tripod?
  11. thats why u get married bro, get the mrs to take it for u in the car :D
  12. Gorillapod
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