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Carrying a suit on a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by movin, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Has anyone ever heard of a luggage system,where you can carry a business suit?,so it doesnt get creased or folded when stored on the bike.
    A friend has meetings always in town and wants to ride for the practicalities of parking and traffic etc.I mean you could put it in panniers or a gearsack,but when you rock up to a business meeting and it looks like sh*t,tis slightly frowned upon.

    Any suggestions appreciated. :grin:
  2. I believe the current theory is 'roll don't fold', avoids creases apparently...
  3. Take a mannakin (sp) as a pillion with you everywhere and when you arrive at your meeting, swap clothes with the mannakin.
    :LOL: :roll:
  4. What about the fact that the shoulders of a suit are basically wider than any pannier of luggage carrying system I have ever seen bar maybe the German touratech aluminium panniers like on Obiwans BMW RGS1100 on "LONG WAY ROUND",how would you suggest I roll them einstein :?:
  5. I wear the gear at work (not a jacket) and carrying a shirt in my back pack and nott having it all creased when you arrive is not something i have been able to achieve yet. I think it depends entirely on the shirt material?

    I tried wearing it under my leather jacket - that causes more creases than you can imagine :)

    If i use a slightly larger back pack the so the shirt has heaps of room at the top with nothing against it it survive fairly well - if you ahd luggage boxes on your bike this would be too easy.
  6. well if you're going to be rude about it, you'll never know. :p

    Seriously though, I'm just spouting what I gleaned from the last time one of these questions turned into 6 pages ramble...

    Might I suggest doing a search through the forums, there's at least a couple of threads where this very problem has been discussed at length.
  7. Why not just leave the suit at work??

    If he plans to ride say everyday, then drive a car, leave the suit at work and then ride the bike fromt then on!


    I do the same for work shoes. I ride with my boots on, and change into work shoes at work. :)
  8. :facepalm: i'm an iiiiidiot. why didn't i think of that. mmm, that will make my life a little easier, bar someone stealing my shoes at work.

    i stuff my pants shirt/tie etc in a backpack and it doesn't look to flash when i pull it out at the end of the journey, my boss has gone home by the time i start my evening shift though so mehh :)
  9. You could buy some of those non-iron shirts and just fold up the pants so that they don't crease.
  10. I have seen a friend carry a suit carrier over his shoulder, but it lookde a little awkward.
    For travel, the chap who makes my suits suggested a method of virtually turning the jacket inside out and folding the shoulders into each other. It did work to a degree. The trousers around the outside of the jacket. :)
  11. Yeah I have to wear suits at work. I've got a 46 litre top box that will carry a suit quite nicely, folded just so.

    I move around a lot, so when I go to a new site I take my suits over there with the top box and then pretty much just leave them at work with the shoes and ties.

    I stick a shirt on every morning, and just change at work. Never been an issue... Except the time one of the PAs wandered in on me changing and saw me in my underdurps.

    Funny, I've had dreams about that situation before and since, and they always turn out much nicer than the way it happened in reality. Sigh.
  12. hahaha and then also u can use the special lane for cars with two people..
    whats that special lane called again?....
  13. You can always make your suit BIGGER by carrying it on the bike.

    If you stuff it in your Ventura or your panniers, when you get it out you'll find it in-creases.

    :LOL: groan
  14. I prefer to go for the Miami Vice slightly ruffled look.

    I get a cheap white polyester suit. Roll it up into a big ball and wrap in glad wrap followed by packing tape. Attach to rear of bike with an ocky strap and go to work.

    Being unshaven as well as slightly smelling of rum can help complete the look.

    Garanteed to make a lasting impression.
  15. I make sure that any suits I wear for work look slightly worn, and crumpled on a regular basis even when I travel by car. Wearing the jacket when driving will acomplish this.

    That way I don't get accused of crumpling them by carrying them on the bike :LOL:
  16. not so simple tom when it's a meeting with a client rather than your own workplace!

    i buy as many non-crease, non-iron clothes as possible (not so easy for guys), but my problem is when i get to the client site, where do i change and where do i leave my gear? i end up taking the cage most of the time unless it's a client i've worked with a while and i like - then i call them and say "do you mind if i turn up in my leathers?!" it's a rare person who objects. most of them have a giggle. haven't tried it with a new client meeting yet tho :LOL:
  17. Actually, I recall mention of a new type of slacks being produced by Draggin' when I visited there recently. Could be an option.
  18. No offense "Pete the freak",Im just trying to find a viable solution to a problem.
  19. Forgiven.

    It's all good dude, have you suggested to your friend he might want to start wear one of those pre-crumpled suits that were popular in the 80's?? Something in a pastel blue perhaps??
  20. Yeah I will run that one by him Pete,see what he thinks :?: ,seeing as he,s a part time bouncer(of the non stereotypical type thank god),and a lovable chap non the less,after I pull myself off the ground,cram my remaining teeth back in me gob,dust myself off,I will say"but netridereans thought it was a good idea" :roll: