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carrying a spare helmet

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by wheeler84, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. this one definitely belongs in the new riders forum...

    how the hell do you attach a spare helmet to the back of the bike? i'm assuming it must go on the footpeg somehow, but I have no idea how its done...

    while i'm here I might as well get all the stupid questions out:

    - what is that small bit of metal that pokes out above the footpeg for? it looks like you can hook something to it but I have no idea what... (wait... could it be... to attach a storage rack?)

    - is the chin strap on a helmet generally designed in a way that it can be tucked back onto itself, in the event that the overhang occasionally slaps the rider in the neck because its too long? (I have a shoei and it has something that resembles a clip on the bottom side of the strap but I can't work out its purpose)

    [/stupid questions]
  2. On the CBR 250 when you open the back storage compartment, you can hook the double steel rings of the helmet on the arm joint.
    Once its done and you close the seat you will find the force keeps the helmet nice an tight against the duck tail fairing.
  3. That little plastic clip on the chin strap of your shoei is there to clip on to the metal D buckle thingy. It just clips on to stop the excess strap flailing in the wind.
  4. beauty! It took a a few minutes of staring and fiddling, till I finally got the clip thing going... it was a whole new sensation not getting slapped at speed... as if bugs aren't bad enough :p

    but i've now discovered its a real pain in the ass to do the clip up, I gave up last time I tried :cry:

    practice makes perfect hey...
  5. yeah .. give it 5-10 rides and u'll have the last clip bit sorted .. or sit at home and do and undo it 5-10 times same result .. just do that last helmet clip before yr gloves ... and key in the ignition ..

    Tip .. put yr key in and start the bike before putting on gloves and helemt~ that also give the bike some time to warm up
  6. already got this part covered, if I try and ride the cibby without a few mins warmup it will run like rubbish anyway so better to just let it warm while I put the gear on.
  7. And here I was tucking the excess inside my helmet.
    Thanks !!!

  8. LOL SO SIMPLE U CANT FIGURE IT OUT. and yes i ment that in caps.

    if your a learner or on restricted p's dont bother
  9. Some of us just aren't as clever as you though, that's why we ask questions, in the hope that one day we won't be so daft.
    yes, I 'ment' that in lowercase
  10. I think he was refering to carrying a second helmet, which infers a pillion. If your on Ls or r-date licence you shouldn't be carrying pillions really
  11. True.
    And the line before it was condescending verging on abusive to a noob in the noob section.
    That's not cool, and I wouldn't be surprised if a mod took action if they saw it.
  12. Yep .. I know mate :wink:
    I agree ... mountaineer, thats why I replied, not COOL at all. The Guy asked a genuine question in the right place and some hero's gotta make him feel like an idiot ??? :roll: :wink:
  13. Hi wheeler84. I'm a noob too so I wont' make you feel silly, but tell you some of the answers to these questions (I've asked them myself in the last month so I haven't forgotten yet!)

    Now, pro-pilot is right about the hook (my VTR has the same) but I don't like the idea of trying to ride with the helmet dangling there! Think you'll need to get a top box or strap it on top somehow.

    As the others have said, you don't need a spare for a pillion if you a noob rider too (not yet), and I can't imagine worrying about a spare for your head :LOL:

    Rear footpeg? To stop their foot slipping off.

    I have a Shoei too, and was considering cutting off that annoying plastic thing :) I thought it was there to make it easier to pull the strap through the loop, but then hit your neck harder if you went too fast ;)

    So I learned something today too!
  14. Oh, and lovin' some of the sigs!



    Advice to live your life by!

    Lovin' it!
  15. Do you mean attach spare helmet to go and collect someone who hasn't got their own helmet? Or just general storage?

    If it's the first, from the couple of manuals I've had a look at, all bike Co's appear to advise against riding with a helmet sticking off the side of your bike. I think this could be due to a possible effect upon your aerodynamics. More resistance one side etc. I could be wrong tho.

    I'd advise using some type of elasticated net tie down thingy on the pillion seat, or get a cheap rucsack big enough to hold a helmet.

    As to attaching anything to hang near the footpegs, prob best not. You'll get all sorts of crap thrown over whatever it is, and if there are any dangly bits they could foul your wheel/chain.

    Hope my10 cents worth makes some sort of sense. :)