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Carrying a second helmet while riding.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by OzWiz, May 15, 2012.

  1. Hey all. Just wondering if its ok to use the points under the seat on my Weestrom to carry a second helmet? I have tested it stationary and it looks like it could move around a bit but I don't know if it will while riding. My top box will be full and I don't have any other storage.

    Is this an acceptable way to carry a spare helmet or are those points only for stationary securing of helmets?


  2. By points under the seat, do you mean the helmet hooks?

    When I was transporting a second helmet on the Across, I used the helmet hook under the seat (boot was full). The helmet was held in place by the D link and it was swaying when stationary, however it never rolled. While riding it didn't really move and filtering was still possible, albeit slower and being more cautious.
  3. What about strapped to the pillion seat?
  4. Planning on getting lucky?

    I have strapped one to the rear seat before, good big grab handles to tie it to.
  5. Cheers guys. I'll see if it fits on the pillion seat... the grab handles are pretty far apart though. And if not the helmet hooks will do then!

    And no... not hoping to get lucky.... just picking up a new lid and don't want to leave the old one at the shop :)

  6. Maybe you should try and get lucky...just give to a chick and tell her if it fits, you get a free lift HAHA
  7. Left arm through the head-hole and out through the visor.
    Helmet up to the elbow, where it will be held by the bend.
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  8. Use a cargo net on the pillion seat.

    I have had the tyre rub on one causing it to melt ruining it when I left it hanging too loosely on the helmet hook.
  9. that's what I'd do, given it wouldn't fit in my ventura bag.
  10. I used to do the left arm through the helmet hole and out through the visor before but I have always been concerned that it would interfere with my ability to control the bike if I needed to react quickly (say if Mr wanna be SMIDSY came out of a side street).

    I reckon if you haven't got a top box or panniers then the best thing to do is get a helmet cargo net and put it on the pillion seat.
  11. I've always used the helmet holder under the seat. That strap in the helmet can take a lot of pressure. And it's usually riveted in place.
    Use clear tape on your duck tail to stop it scratching. If you don't have any then use masking tape right on the lines or edges in the ducktail.
  12. My issue with that method isn't concern about the helmet strap being under pressure (it's designed not to break in an impact after all) or scratching the rear bodywork (you're right tape will stop that).

    It's simply that on my last few bikes (including my current one) the helmet holder isn't under the seat but is a separate helmet lock at the bottom of the rear ducktail and any helmet put onto it will hit the rear wheel when cornering damaging the shell of the helmet (or at the very least the graphics).
  13. Weestrom helmet hooks,generally come with small wire rope, to go through the helmet.
    This lets said helmet hang fairly low. I use a cargo net, attached to the pillion grips on my wee for this reason.
  14. I've got one of these in the side saddle bag.


    For you know, just in case...
  15. ^It's why I usually carry a 2nd one strapped under my pillion seat \\:D/
  16. That's how I've always done it (or strap over the elbow for an open-face). I've always worried a bit about what it might do to my arm in the event of an off but I consider that lowish risk preferable to having it swinging around the back wheel somewhere and filling up with road shit.
  17. I never leave home without my second helmet-never know when youll need it.
  18. Thanks for all the input. I'll look into the cargo net idea if I need to do it regularly. I'm going to try the elbow technique on a short trip to see if it would bother me on a long trip. And yes it is the wire 'ropes' that connect the helmet to the hooks that make it hang really low and make it a risk of rubbing on the rear wheel.

    Thanks again.