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Carrying a Pillion when you cannot flat foot BOTH feet...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VCM, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. With no trouble at all

  2. Awkwardly but Manageable

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  3. Nervously and uneasily

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  4. Never would or Would NOT recommend it

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  1. I know I gotta wait another 11 months before I can legally carry a pillion. In the meantime I'd like to practice getting used to supporting the extra weight of a pillion. Will start just trying to support bike and pillion stationary etc .. then hopefully work my way up to actually riding ( in the relative safety of a car park etc ).
    The Question I have is this:
    Is it risky carrying a pillion when you are unable to flatfoot ( both feet) ??
    I have this fear of dropping bike and pillion when coming to a stop. :eek:hno:

  2. Have you been a pillion before?
    Best to be a pillion before riding with one.
    You're Pillion should have some experience with an experience rider aswell.

    Do a search on the subject of pillions you'l find more advice.

    On a side note, coming back from GOR saturday saw a guy on a GSXR 600/1000 not sure which he had full leathers but his girl had a mini skirt and tank top. :roll:
  3. Ive been a pillion, but the wife has yet to experience it. I intend to get a friend of mine to take her soon. ( not literally :p )
    Have read quite a bit on it, but nowhere was I able to find a mention regarding flat footing etc..

    >>> his girl had a mini skirt and tank top :shock: :shock:
    Did she have nice legs ??? :p
  4. I haven't done much pillioning myself, but found it difficult with someone heavier than myself on the back of the bike. Hi Ktulu :LOL:

    I can flat foot a little easier with more weight on the back. but coming to a stop at intersections was always wobbly, so was the take off. If you can balance stationary with your Mrs on the back it's a good sign. Why not throw down a mattress or mat next to bike before trying this. Save the bike from scratches... oh the mrs too.

    girl had nice legs>> though I don't know for how long.
  5. Re: Carrying a Pillion when you cannot flat foot BOTH feet..

    I think a big one will be telling her to keep her feet on the pegs when you come to a stop. Having your pillion try and decide which side you're going to stop on, or just generally upsetting the balance of the bike isn't cool.
  6. Trick is to find a total lank for a pillion so they can put their feet down :LOL:
  7. i can flat foot, but a pet hate for me is riders that stop and put both feet down, then ride off and take like 10 minutes to lift their legs up.

    if you're right footed, just rear brake until you're almost at a stop, then chuck your right foot down. easier to ride liek that with or without pillion so you don't get a sore wrist leaving it in first at the lights... and so you don't look weird putting one foot down, then one up, then down and swapping and all sorts of junk
  8. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: