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Carrying a laptop

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by tunaranch, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. Hello.

    Any advise on what the best way would be to carry a 17" powerbook on a bike?

    All the tankbags and saddlebags that'll fit on my xv250 virago are too small :(

    I could carry it in my backpack, but I am concerned about what'll happen in the event of a stack.

    The powerbook is around 18" diagonal, widescreen.
  2. I have been commuting for the last two years using a targus laptop backpack. It has thick rubber pads on the bottom and sides and is well padded back and front. I dont think there is any way to protect it in a stack.. the last thing that will be worrying me in a crash is the condition of my laptop.

    I also carry a few thick plastic bags with me (used for shrink wrapping) and slip the laptop into it if it is raining. The dell I have has three year accident cover, so if it gets smashed to bits I am covered.
  3. I've used crumbler bags - I adjust the height of the bag so that it sits on the back seat of the bike.

  4. There are These which are designed to protect laptops in these exact situations.
    I've never used one but i have heard they are pretty solid and comfortable to wear.
  5. You could trade up to an Across. I used to fit a slightly smaller Dell Lattitude in the boot. Now days, the laptop and bag fit OK in a Ventura bag o on the Firestorm. I hate backpacks and certainly avoid carrying solid objects in them!
  6. i dont think much is going to REALLY protect a laptop in a stack. if you're super worried about that, drive to work :wink:

    i've been using a rakgear bag for a couple of years now both on the pushy and the motorbike, no troubles at all. what made my life easier tho, was having a rack on the bike, just strap the bag to that and leave your shoulders free from heavy assed antique laptops :x
  7. I use a STM backpack from Anaconda, purchased when they were on special for $69. Colors match my jacket and helmet, and it has reflective stripes.

    Oh, and it has a seperate zippered padded compartment for the laptop. I fit all my office crap into this, and still have room for half my lunch.

    Make sure you have current backups. Insurance for laptops is expensive, but find out if it is covered under your company's insurance policy to and from home, if it is used for business.
  8. In the event of a stack I think the laptop would be the least thing to be concerned about but it could make a good back protector, although I do remember someone in here complaining about battery acid damage to his backpack after he transported a car battery in his backpack :shock:

    I saw someone riding in the city a few months ago with a standard laptop case over his shoulder which made me wonder what that did to the weight distribution when cornering especially if it was swinging in the breeze mid corner :?
  9. I'm pretty sure a laptop would make anything but a good back protector! Its a reasonably dangerous practice carrying solid objects like that on your back. On the other hand though, sitting on a moving motorbike is probably more dangerous!
  10. I came off my pushy riding to work one day rolled a couple of times but the laptop was okay. My latest laptop has developed a mysterious illness that I cannot rectify, it's half the age of the other one. I'd be less worried about protecting the laptop in a bike crash and more worried about the fact that the laptop will die on its own accord when it least suits you. 3 year accidental laptop cover is a must now-a-day. Of couse this all applies to the hardware, I make the assumption that we all backup anything of importance anyway - smart people do that. You'll probably want to go get specialist laptop insurance, most home & content / business policies won't cover it out on the road.
  11. Use it as a back protector in your jacket.
  12. Gaffa tape it to the top of your helmet - a' la winged keel helmet?
  13. STM make some really comfortable laptop backpacks... just try one until you find one that's comfortable.

    I use mine lots....
  14. Hmm... I looked at some of the crumpler bags a while ago, but they have no spot for a camelbak. Might look at the STMs... I already have an STM sleeve.

    Don't like the Targus bags. I think they scream "LOOK AT ME! CORPORATE TYPE WITH LAPTOP HERE!!!".

    Stack wise, well. In a prang serious enough that I ended up in hospital, i probably wounldn't care, but if it was something with little injury to me (ah the naivete of youth) but broken powerbook, I'd cry.
  15. I just use my backpack....

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  17. I try to avoid backpacks with solid objects in them on the bike.

    They hurt.

    Believe me.

    Get a bag on the bike it'll fit in.

  18. Just don,t fall off and it will be Fine. (if only it was that ezy)
  19. Sometimes it's not your idea.

  20. you do realise I was kidding I hope :roll: