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Carrying a Laptop on a bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by znark, May 11, 2006.

  1. What is a safe, dry, and secure way of carrying a 17" widescreen laptop on a motorbike?

    I hate backpacks because of the restriction to movement, so that is a last resort.

    The dimensions of the laptop are: 400mmx290mmx50mm

    It would also need padding as well.

    My bike is a VTR1000F.

    I've thought about top boxes, modifying bags or making my own. I would like any ugly attachments eaisly removable like the ventura rack system.

    Any suggestions?
  2. I can carry my laptop in its carry case,scanner, burner and printer in my expandable gearsack bag across my pillion seat with a gearsack raincoat over it and it doesnt get wet, :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  3. I just use the Dell backpack,NOT the office black carry case thing thats :furious: crap,the newish one designed for laptop storage and carrying,and squeeze the bastad in my gearsack,works-just :? .
  4. 1. - Give me your laptop
    2. - Get a usb and copy the files across between computers daily (i do this frequently)
    3. - Use gaffa tape and tape it to the tank, then at traffic lights you can play C-strike.
    4. - I suspect if you carry the laptop on you back but EVERYTHING else in you saddle bag it wouldn't be that bad.
  5. Brad, you can actually get a camera bag made by lowepro that is designed to carry a laptop as well as your camera gear obviously.

    I'm sure mattyB has one :p

    I have a magazine at home with more details in it, let me know if you want me to fish them out.

  6. what's wrong with a backpack? thats what i do.

    Put the laptop bag/case in a SMALL backpack?
  7. I'm completely the opposite. By that I mean, I am almost never on my bike without a backpack. It's strange but I feel almost .. er, naked without one. Something about a little extra carrying capacity, and probably an extra bit of back protection.
    I don't think my backpacks restrict movement at all. I use a Targus one for the laptop though, it's great, snug fit and weather proof, and quite comfortable.
  8. Those things are a fantastic idea. Alittle bit small for a laptop but they would be a Fabulous Tank back/back pack just to go down the street in. Check out how they can double as a tank bag.

    http://www.hardshellbackpack.com.au/Speed Pac Colours.html

    It's just a pity that they cost so god damn much!!
  9. Sorry - I reckon a backpack is the way to go too.

    My favourite are crumpler www.crumpler.com.au they aren't cheap, but they're built to last a very long time. They should be waterproof too.
  10. I have one of those ridiculous 17" laptops (in fact im using it now). Ive found that backpack + jumper to wrap it up in - padding is part for your back and part for the laptop. Of course, if you stack...
  11. avoid magnetic tank bags just in case.

    My solution was a large ventura bag with some padding (leather notepad holder) on the bottom of the bag (for a little under 2 years) and a waterproof bag for extra protection just incase of a huge downpour.

    Started getting some medium desity foam to incase it but didn't see any problems in fact I've done more damage to the laptop since I've stopped riding.

    One thing to note though is to have some thin foam or thick paper between the screen and keyboard during transport or you get key marks on the screen. Also avoid putting alot of weight on top of the screen.

    Also make sure you have a full 3 year (longer if you can get it) parts and labour warruntee to cover accidental damage. Just in case. Even if you aren't riding it more than pays for itself (~$570 3 years ago and about $2500-$3500 worth of repairs since).
  12. I can carry:
    17" Widescreen powerbook
    Kempo Uniform
    Visor if I need to

    Plus wallet, sunnies, keys, phone, glasses case, bottle of contact lens solution and a spare pair of earplugs

    in my Deuter Futura 32 AC (32 Litres).

    It's a backpack, but quite nice for riding in.
  13. Gota love those extendable bags.

    I can fit my laptop & work clothes & shoes in the bag with room to spare.
  14. I seem to remember a previous thread on this very subject but a quick search on "Laptop" & Backpack" couldn't find it.

    I do remember saying the laptop would do a good job as a back protector if you came off and also stating that I was joking. :wink:
  15. I have a 17" widescreen powerbook

    i would recommend the AXIO swift hardpacks

    check them out at www.axio-usa.com

    theyre abit expensive, but if u can afford a 17"PB then this backpack is does justice for your precious.
  16. i ripped the guts out of a heavy duty hiking style camera bag that i strap to my luggage rack. i have the 17" PB also and it's a good fit, waterproof, and quite well protected.
  17. I commute with a hp compaq nx9110, which isn't just big it's heavy. The machine and extras are in a simple targus computer shoulder bag - you can get plenty of simple (cheap) bags at luggage stores or markets. initially i carried it in a sling bag. Like you i find backpacks restrictive, however, the single strap on sling is fine. I then got a ventura rack and 51 litre bag - i have to carry work clothes and papers. I have this mounted over the pillion instead of hanging over the back and stability is ok. You know its there but it handles alright. If you don't need the extra space i would go for the 35 litre bag.
    The ventura system usually goes for around A$350 with bag.
  18. I have a compaq nx9040 which is also heavy and I carry a laptop printer with it as well as bits and pieces.

    It all fits very well into a STM computer backpack which has extra padding and velcro straps for extra protection of the laptop.

    Available from http://laptopbags.com.au/ and several other places.


    Crumpler and Axio (mentioned earlier in the thread) are also available from this mob.
  19. Don't worry about the mag Vic, I found the web site. Thanks for the idea. I've also looked into pelican cases (http://www.carryitcases.com.au/) brilliant cases but friggen expensive. I got a local motocycle shop guy investigating for me various possibilities.

    And to the other people who suggested backpacks: What part of "I hate backpacks" or "last resort" did people not understand? :?: :p