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Carrying a fishing rod and bodyboard on bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fizmotech, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Is it possible?

    I just wondering if I can put a rod tube either strapped to my back or down length of bike.....

    And, possibly strap my bodyboard to my back?

    Both on different trips lol

  2. sure, why not!
    you could even try a bbq :grin:
  3. I've always wanted to try para-riding (patent pending)...

    Body board on a windy day might be similar...would love to see the result. :grin:
  4. I've already tried the bbq but too many people took my picture :dance: :)
  5. cant see body board beeing big issue. its 7km to beach and 50km whole way.

    more curious about how to get a rod to the beach. perhaps only way is to by a small telecopic rod. not ideal in the surf lol
  6. you can get bags for bodyboards with shoulder straps on 'em which would make it easy.just remember to put a few kilos of dope in the bag for ballast so it doesnt flap around in the wind
  7. Just thinking about this , If you a decent fisherman you can even stuff your catch in your pockets on the way home :LOL:

    Iv'e seen lots of riders carrying rods, I dont think that would be a problem . I do think the body board will create some wind drag issues and could throw you around .. :?
  8. i carry my rods on the bike (7' 2 piece) just buy one of the shimano hard cases from big w or kmart (about $30) for protection, carrying the 11' 2 piece surf rod is a bit of a pain though
  9. if anyone has seen the most recent rapid bikes mag, there is a guy that is features in "my ride" that carries his surf board on his bike. It is a bolt on accessorie which you can buy so why not
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Yeah Blackjakx, I saw that in Rapid too. Surely that would get you pulled over , it looks too ungainly. Its about 2 foot past the rear of the bike.
  12. so where do the rod tubes go? down side of the bike?
  13. I once saw a guy on a BMW tourer who had his full length surf board strapped to the side of his bike. ie. it was laid horizontal but on its side so it was flush against the right hand side of his bike. His leg was on the inside of it I believe.

    Personally I'd take a car but he looked quite comfortable doing it.

    Fishing rods are easy - get ones with telescopic zoom so they can be compacted down to fit in a backpack.
  14. mounted off the carry rack?
  15. has common sense gone out the door????
  16. Theres this new invention I've been seeing a lot of lately, it's like a bike but it's got 4 wheels and it can't lean. Somehow they made it corner. Oh and it has lots of space, and a even a roof! What will they think of next!
  17. Saw a bloke on a bike today in lorne.

    Had about 4 rods in a tube on the back, standing straight up.
    Had some nets on the back too.

    Looks like he made rod holder out of plumbers pipe, and put a cap on the bottom, and bolted it to the back of his bike....

    Was too fast for me to get a pic.... :(
  18. arent you a cool one, so witty and oh everyone thinks your the best.

    went to tackle shop today. had a look at the telescope rods. they have come a very long way. can even get a 12 footer. but im going with a 9 ft. will be ok on beach and good around lakes etc.
  19. I have been known to have a rod on my bike.