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carrying a bag on a Hyosung

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by matti-san, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Hi all saw a comment before that us Hyosung riders are taking over :p

    Well this time next week I will be an official owner of a brand new black naked [I just love that word] GT250.

    Now the question that I am posing to the great minds that are gathered here is how do you all carry items when commuting?

    Is a rack best?
    Can you use a backpack?
    What are those hard back packs I see?

    Normally will carry lunch, some files, mobile, shoes maybe a book and a fresh jocks and socks. Very occasionally will carry a laptop, when I have to work on weekends :( This will be very very rare i hope. :)

    Will be commuting from Mount Martha to Carrum or the CBD.

    Over to you oh great mentors :p
  2. A motorcyclist that reads and washes :cry: Oh, for the good old days.
  3. My pick would be a magnetic tank bag, easy access, will fit on almost any bike...
  4. Is that so you can quickly change if you get hit by a bus?
  5. my bike has the ventura luggage system fitted...its superb! Here is a pic of one half of the two bag system I have...I use it to do my grocery shopping, luggage and work stuff. :)
  6. Everything you mentioned i reckon I could stuff down the front of my jacket. But I think you may like a nice ergonomic backpack for the interim til you work out what other kinds of riding you will do, then maybe a ventura rack down thel ine.
  7. Being a minimalist I prefer to carry nothing when riding bar a mobile phone, and besides bikes look better without gearsacks & racks or those fugly top boxes, in fact a bike with a top box makes me gag when I see it, ruins the aesthetic of any bike imo.

    Less is more in my mind, but then I don’t commute or tour, if I was commuting I would just go buy 2 or more of most things and keep them at separate locations to have when needed, and why don’t you just use your desktop at work and keep your laptop at home and upload your files instead.
  8. Yeah, just get a reasonable sized backpack. If you find you need more storage or you are going to do some touring aswell buy some ventura racks.
  9. :LOL: that in noooo way answers the guys question...but I like the 'buy two or more of everything' approach :LOL:

    and yeah top boxes....don't go there.
  10. If you only need a small bag I use the ventura seat bag attached to the pillion seat of my GT250

    I fit a small laptop and still have plenty of room for shoes and pants an a few other things

    The size of the laptop and the size of your feet will determin if this is a valid solution for you
  11. thanks

    Well Nil I spose I could just wear brown jocks that way I won't need a spare pair if I get hit or nearly hit by a bus:grin:

    The ventura rack and the bag looks the goods, thanks kurtis & dosborne. BTW how much did it set you back?

    The must unaesthetic about my bike is me! So if the focus goes to the racks great.

    Thanks one and all. :cool:
  12. Mine came with the bike, but I hear the setup is about $200-300.

    Here's the website www.ventura-bike.com but others will better know where to buy and how much in Australia
  13. Yeah, go Ventura, but DuHAST'S idea of just carrying your FILES with you instead of the whole machine has merit, specially these days with re-writeable CD's and stuff.....