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carpark tickets [NSW]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mugen1, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. now..i usually park on the street.
    but this morning parked in the shopping centre carpark, tried to "carefully" put the ticket in my jacket pocket..blardy took ages..

    its b/c im wearing gloves that make it tricky to take the ticket out of my pocket/put it in without crumpling it..

    so my question is, what do you gu guys do?? ticket holder on the dash perhaps??
  2. Buy an open-face helmet and hold it in your teeth like a REAL MOTORCYCLIST.
  3. try clipping it under the gas cap key hole cover, if you have 1.
  4. You can put it in your helmet and snap the visor on top of it.
    I normally stick it in a gap on the tank.
  5. When I use a flip-face helmet - hold it in my teeth.

    Full-face - snap it under the visor.
  6. ride around the boom gates without a ticket lol :D
  7. This. Most boomgates dont go all the way across. Westfield chatswood doesnt, and Birkenhead point doesnt. Theyre the only ones ive tried, 2/2 so far!
  8. clipping under the cap key cover is a good idea..gonna give that a shot

    goz - that's what im doin at the moment! can't be bothered trying to bash in a crumpled ticket into the machine...
  9. Wallet?
  10. Agree with the idea of riding around the boom gates. I check on the way in if they extend to the full width of the road. If so, I take a ticket, if not I don't.

    I usually park where I'm not taking up a car park anyway, so no loss to the shopping centre, except revenue for my parking.

    If I take a ticket, I shove it under the lip of the gas cap.
  11. The shopping centre in Rhodes is the only one I have come across that has a boom gate that goes all the way across.

    I usually fold it over my throttle and hold it there with my glove. Or give it to the person on the back!
  12. Westfield Penrith the gates don't go all the way across - and most of the time the ticket machine doesn't register that I'm there either so it's around I go - but I always park in a spot where a car can't.
  13. Zaphod, you do know that they have a section for bike parking at westfield penrith....
  14. Odd topic.

    I just hold things like that between my left index and middle fingers - no problems steering and using the clutch with the remaining digits. If I had short levers I'd use my pinky and ring finger to hold it.