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Carpal Tunnel Issues

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by duncanp, May 11, 2006.

  1. I lose feeling in the index, middle and ring fingers of my right hand quite frequently when riding. I can shake my hand out to get some relief and regain feeling. I'm continually fiddling with my hand position and keep trying to reduce the tension in my fingers. Sometimes I can get relief by doing traction by gripping with the fingers and pulling back at the same time. It often helps if I ride with my fingers on the brake lever.

    I love red lights as it gives me a chance to do some physio. The best hand position I've come up with so far is to have the back of the wrist in the same plane as the forearm and at the same time keep my elbow tucked in.

    I found that switching from a conventional mouse to a track ball helped a great deal as it puts my hand in more in a tumbs up position.

    Any suggestions? Has anyone had surgery to correct this?
  2. Try a Throttle Rocker, it will help with the grip issues. Allows you to relax your hand while maintaining throtle control.
    $15 at most bike shops.
  3. That sounds pretty nasty mate, I had a brief brush with that sort of pain once and thankfully it disappeared. I hope you find a solution - Roundman's idea of using a throttle rocker should allow you to change your hand position a bit but you probably don't want to relax too much or you'll be out of brake lever grabbing distance.

    I'd say it might enable you to enjoy weekend touring etc, but you're likely to continue suffering if you commute, just because there's so much start-stop, clutch and brake action on the way through the city.
  4. Welcome to normality :)

    I suffer carpal tunnel syndrome and it's a biatch.

    Riding the SP1 had become impossible due to my CT and a stuffed shoulder (slap lesion)

    The firestorm is a bit easier on the wrists.

    Try gripping the tank harder with your legs, this tends to use your stomach muscles more and it takes a little bit of weight off your wrists.

    A throttle rocker is probably the best and cheapest fix out there.
    Proper cruise controls are around the $900 mark

    On long rides (I recall them still) I used to dose up on anti-inflamitorys an hour before a ride. Helped a little but is not the best solution.

    Getting your wrists fixed is annoying becuase you are out of action for 6 weeks :(

    Good luck
  5. My knowledge tells me that i think you'll be ok and that its not carpal its just the vibration of your bike :grin:
  6. O.K. So it's not just me.

    I find it is teh worst when I in slow trafic or spliting, endlessly going brakes and clutch leavers, so stretch pull stretch pull...
  7. My knowledge tells me that it's carpal and you're boned just like me.
  8. get a cruiser, easier on your wrists :)
  9. na dude boner's are pussies :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    The kill floor's where its at :LOL:
  10. OUCH... damn, go to a doctor!!! After diagnosing it he will probably have you talk to a physio. Both will recomend you rest your forearm and hand. I'm sure they will get you to do median and radial nerve stretches and then work on strengthening your grip. Thats what I had to do and still do since my accident 2yrs ago.. The stronger and more flexable your forearms are the less likley they are to tire form riding and the less likley you are to getting a repeat.
  11. RELAX Dude stop trying to strangle those handle bars :grin: And if your new to riding it will get better as u get used to it,plus as stated before vibrations of your bike will also be contributing :grin:
  12. You don't mention pain so I assume that the problem is a circulation problem caused by too tight a grip and fairly static finger/hand position while riding.
    I get much the same thing where the last two fingers of my right hand can go so numb that I genuinely think they're missing. :(
    I try to relax and reposition as much as possible any time I'm riding at a constant speed. The throttle don't need to be throttled should be your new motto.
  13. I had this problem when I started riding. I've changed handlebar height 2" (was leaning on the bars because I am tall in the body, and was trying to keep back straight, which was putting pressure on my hands) which worked really well, and my new gloves were also creasing up under my knuckles, cutting off blood flow or impinging on teh tendons inside the fingers. I also used to have a bit of a death grip on the throttle, which is normal when a new rider I'd say! You may also consider larger diameter grips, if you are trying to close your hands too much you can have issues with gloves(like me).
    It could also just be that I am more used to riding now as well, I used to get pain in 10 mins, now no problems going a couple of hours.
    So, I'd try adjusting a few things and see how you go.
    I get carpal tunnel symptoms, not constantly, but I do have to be careful with what I do and how I do it. You can have very well developed forearms and hands and still get it, the poor bloke next door at work is a tiler, and he has constant pins and needles in his hands.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Before surgery, I'd suggest other consrervative measures such as improving your riding ergonomics. One way to do this is to attend Cali Superbikes School and have them assess your style.
  15. Could try doing the chicken dance, I've heard this helps :wink:
  16. I suffered this same problem about 2 months or so ago...it all started on the way back from a long trip to Bright. I had adjusted my riding position to find a more comfy one and it kind of became my default one whenever I got on the bike after that, problem was I was not bending my arms and this was putting a lot of weight on my wrists, which was making my fingers go to sleep and also gettting pins and needles sensation in my right hand.

    I was out on a ride with a few guys and after about 45 mins I was ready to turn around and head home...after speaking to Cathar about it he suggested I keep my posture loose enough so that I could do the chicken dance with my elbows...even when cranked over and also to grip the tank more with my knees...and what a difference it made...I did just shy of 500k's that day and while my wrist was a little sore after a full day on the bike it was a massive improvement over how it was before.

    I only wish I had found this out before i wasted alot of time, money and effort trying to track down a problem with the bike that never really existed...give it a try next time you go for a ride, it may work for you too
  17. I get the same problem on occasion when I ride. Just like Typhoon, I found the problem was my gloves, there was a seam cutting off blood to my hand. Try changing your gloves and see what happens.
  18. Hey caz with ya there girl, BUY A CRUISER, put risers and 15 inch apies on it, helps my stuffed wrists and back when I ride :wink: :wink:
  19. Or you could also try soft grips ? Friend of mine said that worked for him !!!
  20. Well what a great bunch of suggestions. Thanks a ton.
    I'll certainly have a look for a Throttle Rocker but I can't even imagine what that looks like.
    A physio did give me some nerve stretches which I have been doing and they do provide relief. Have to be v. careful with the stretches as you're stretching nerves!!!
    I'll certainly look at doing up my gloves with less enthusiasm and maybe even relieving the tension in the elastic in places.
    I have pretty strong forearms as I hit a lot of golf balls in a previous life but I'm sure I could relax my grip on the throttle - indeed throttle it less. I'm just finding that a teensy weeny bit hard when I'm bolting round corners at 80% for Toecutter but 120% for me, but I know there's room for improvement.
    Funnily enough I down the odd anti-inflammatory for the four hour drive to Port Macquarie which is tough on my back in the car but as I can wiggle around on the bike it's nothing like the same problem.
    I think I'll get a little bit out of each suggestion and that could add up to a bunch of improvement.