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Carophobia, bikerphiliac

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by coxc, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Let me preface this by saying I have spent no more than 10minutes at the wheel of a car, on the road (besides dad letting me steer and change gears as a kid).

    For 30 seconds at 6, on christmas day, I knocked the gearstick while cleaning the car for the oldies. Ended up ontop a neighbours letterbox, after crossing the road twice, in steady traffic.

    For approx 9 minutes when I was 20, I needed to move a car for a relative who as they parked on the street and where out of town

    Both of these left me slightly shaken, probably the latter more so.
    I'm generally uneasy when in cars, unless the driver is exceptional.

    I just wanted to see if many other riders just plain dont like cars, or even how many of us enjoy driving.

    For practical reasons I'll eventually need to get a kombi or a ute, as much as I don't want to.
  2. I love driving, riding, Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Boats. Any thing that moves, I will operate.

    But long distance is my Forte, Preferably by myself,

    Been in bingles in all of them, By Me and others as well,
    They are just tools with wheels, you treat them right and they will take you any where,
  3. Cars? what is this word you speak????
  4. I've been driving since 1968 and riding since 1974; I enjoy them both for their strengths and avoid them both for their weaknesses....
  5. I like driving, I like riding. I also like walking but I'm a bit weird.
  6. +100 on that.
  7. if it has an engine i love it
  8. I like riding and dont like driving..............but im lazy so i drive.
  9. I ride most, if not all of the time because I don't like driving in traffic...or parking during peak hour traffic times. The only times I would drive would be to pick something large up, car pool, tow or when the bike decides to fail on me. If it's a weekend cruise, I don't mind using either.
  10. If it goes fast, I'm all over it. Having said that, I don't know why I bought a GS500! :p

    I wonder if that's why I decided on greyhounds as pets....
  11. i hope your not allover your greys
  12. I love both BUT if I had more money - I would spend more on bikes (Own more bikes that is) than spend on expensive car (New car, mods etc).

    I would be happy with a second hand car and spend all the rest on bikes. :)
  13. Good to hear peoples opinions, I guess It's just a bit of paranoia from childhood experiences. Eventually I'll need a ute and trailer, just need to get over the mental block.
  14. You have or are getting a Harley, Ute is necessary. Hahahahaha
  15. 2 wheels
    4 wheels
    6 wheels
    18 wheels.
    As long as I don't have to walk .. is good :)
  16. I love driving. A good road trip is fantastically good fun. Stereo playing, gentle breeze wafting through the car, seat adjusted to perfection, cruise control on, no real hurry to get anywhere in particular, miles away from major towns and cities, a few thousand kms to cover brilliant.
    I love riding too. Like deadman, preferably by myself if for more than a few hours, head down @rse up throttle pinned, twisty roads, for days at a time. Awesome stuff. Credit card touring, with just a change of clothes and maybe some good shoes, really is the way to fly.
    Trucks, bulldozers, tractors, cranes, anything that requires a little bit of skill to master, all tick my boxes as well. I just love engines. And the vehicles they power. Only thing that worries me is the d!ckheads that sometimes operate them
  17. I cant sit in a car for 5 mins without going white , way less if the driver sucks

    Commodores are the worst , I call them land boats .Other then that i went through a car window when i was 2yo and a handy telegraph pole was their to decelerate me,That might have something to do Phobia of cars and telegraph poles
  18. I enjoy driving, nowhere near as much as riding but like other's have said, depending on time and place.

    Sometimes I look out the window in the morning and it's pissing down and i think, I wish I could drive to work today. Other times I will go cool, some excitement on my ride to work. All depends on how I feel.

    When you have a young family though, driving is a necessity.