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Carn the BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!! [SPOILER]

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. Brisbane 37 - Canterbury 20

    Ya cant ask for a better second half than that.

    The broncos put on 31 points in as many minutes to keep the puppies scoreless in the second half :grin:

    YOU BLOODY RIPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For a whole week, I'm going to be singing "who let the dogs out, who, who, who, who let the dogs out"

    :applause: :beer: \:D/ :dance: :rofl: :bannanabutt: :roses:

    Well done boys :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

    As for the doggies :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Even after they had a week off
    :eek:wned: :blackeye: :cheeky: :nopity: :-({|=

    Hey Hazem, ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)

    Disclaimer: The author whilst typically a well behaved poster has just gone nuts due to the Broncos making the Grand Final
  2. Go Broncos ! :dance:

    St George tomorrow now !
    We can't have a Melbourne v Brisbane final played in Sydney !!! :shock:

    Now its time for the Swans to win !
    GO! SWANNIES !!!
  3. vic...

    go get a mullet up ya.....
  4. Jim, I'd much rather a Bream :p
  5. :shock: ](*,) :( :( :( :mad: :evil: dam it! the dogs lost! my dad and sister are giving me hell! :evil:
  6. is this a blue button offence? or am i just a sore loser? :(
  7. Combination of both??

    It was a brilliant 2nd half you must agree.

    31 unanswered points in 40 mins.......ripper stuff :)
  8. 18-6 Melbourne with 66 minutes gone, it's going to be a Melbourne-Brisbane final!!
  9. STORM v BRONCOS Grand Final

    Need I say it again???????

    C A R N T H E B R O N C O S :):):):):):)
  10. oh Firetruck !!!

    Its a non-Sydney team grand final !

    Go the SWANS !!!
  11. That's what the greedy sods at NRL get for trying to make a two-state competition a national competition; they killed off viable clubs and created exactly this scenario; no team from the home of Rugby League will be represented at the Grand Final.

    Sydney fans will not know which team to boo the loudest :cry:
  12. if the broncos play a full 80 minutes like the second half last night, against the my poor doggies, they will hammer the storm.
    broncos played solid, good, imaginative football right from the props to the fullback.
    they will be hard to beat and i just dont think melbourne has the grunt or leadership of lockyer

    4xedits because i had darts championships today and am alcohol impaired
  13. they played the doggies last night :)
  14. Melb are a great side

    the broncs have a poor record against them.

    It going to be harder to pick than a congested nose :grin:
  15. refer to edit :LOL:
  16. What are the memories of Steve Lazarus worth in a Grand Final?

    My only concern for Brisbane is whether they played their best game one game too early....
  17. trust me i know, i am still mourning
    we got seriously :eek:wned:
  18. Oh Paul,
    We here Mexicans faced this problem years ago.

    Embrace this for what it is, the successful growth of the competition.

    BTW, Go Storm!

    Where’s the party next Sunday?
  19. ok, to be fair, i think the BBQ should be half way between qld and vic (or close enough....)
    party at my place (we always have one on gf day) come if you dare
    beer is on at 1pm :LOL:
  20. Well, much as I am NOT a Smelbourne fan........
    I will NEVER... EVER cheer a QLD team [-(

    As #1 daughter is a Storm supporter, I guess it'll just have to be..

    GO STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!